We all are designed to continue moving upwards. Like cream, we rise to the top. Some of us may have experienced living an inferior existence but now we are living a superior existence and we know from experience that living superior is far better than living inferior. In our DNA from GOD, we are hard-wired to ascend from the horizons, to proceed rather than recede and to rise like stars. Therefore, we try ever so hard to get all that we can possibly get because it is the reflection of our achievements. Though as children of the Most High GOD we should have the best clothes, homes, and automobiles, after all, we serve a GOD who is not poor. Instead, we witness the children of the devil seemingly prosper for living in darkness and sin. Don’t be envious, they are paying an awful price and the bill will come due. We are to trust in the LORD with all our heart and lean not to our own understanding, we are to rest fully on CHRIST JESUS. Every need that we have is completely met in HIM and all we need do is ask. Walking closer in CHRIST JESUS causes us to ascend to levels in HIM that will blow our minds.

We know that our GOD is an all-knowing, GOD; Omniscient. And, we know that our GOD is an all present, GOD; Omnipresent. So, if we truly know this; have we ever asked this question? “Where can any human go away from the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of the Living GOD?” Do we not know and understand that no matter where we go HIS Holy Spirit is already there? Look dear hearts, those of us who are washed clean from sin because we believe in CHRIST JESUS are anxious to meet JESUS and the FATHER but did, we not know that we should be just as excited to meet the Holy Spirit? After all, He will be there in heaven. The unbeliever does not possess the Holy Spirit, yet, He is there where they are, the unbeliever can’t escape Him. The believer though they may not be baptized in the Holy Spirit yet, have a measure of the Holy Spirit because they are Born-Again can’t escape Him either. None of us can outrun Him, we can’t hide from Him, we just can’t get away from His presence either. The Holy Spirit is Omnipresent.

Eat well from JESUS the Bread of Life my loved ones so that we can and will live forever. JESUS is the bread that descended from heaven, but the bread HE is giving to us now is nothing like the bread that our ancestors partook of when JESUS fed them bread from heaven, we know that bread by the name of manna. If you complained or grumbled in the year twenty eighteen and in the previous years before that, cease today. Do not take complaining and grumbling into twenty nineteen and in the future years. CHRIST JESUS is aware of all that negativity and in those areas of our life, we must renew the mind. Complaining and grumbling is an outward expression of the thoughts we actively have in our lack of faith, giving up and finding the Word of GOD offensive. There are far too many Thomas’s who did not believe until he saw with his own eyes that JESUS is alive; once he saw and touched JESUS he no longer doubted. So, what is it, will we not believe and rest on everything CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit is teaching us until we see the believers ascend into heaven as JESUS did when HE was speaking to HIS disciples and they never saw HIM again? Unless, we are alive with the Holy Spirit which transforms us to be spiritual and I’m not meaning as those who claim that they love GOD or believe in GOD yet do not live for GOD, nor am I meaning, those that worship other gods. I mean fully that the believers, life in CHRIST JESUS have a Spiritual life because the Spirit gives us life. Our flesh never will be saved it is dirt and dirt it will return when we go to sleep/die the natural death. The natural power that we have as humans is of no use to us. No worries, just as JESUS died in HIS none sinful flesh and HIS FATHER woke HIM up and HE was raised from the dead. We too will we awaken and rise from the dead to ascend to live with the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS and the Holy Spirit forever. CHRIST JESUS has an honored position where HE is seated at the right hand of HIS FATHER. JESUS assured us all that though HE no longer will remain here on this earth as HE lived, ate, taught, healed and delivered some of our ancestors, HE was not going to leave us to be alone of HIS presence. CHRIST JESUS promised that HIS Holy Spirit will be here with us. So, as we ascend into the new year ascend in the ways of CHRIST JESUS.

Psalms 139:7-8; John 6:57-58, 61-63; acts 1:9, 2:32-33


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