Who is your FATHER 3


Pt. 3

Mt. 7:11, 21; 10:32; 11:25-27; 12:50; 13:43

Children of the most High GOD; we have a heavenly FATHER who when asked will give us good things when we ask for them. After all; is that not what our earthly father does? So why is it that we expect much less of our heavenly FATHER? We don’t have to bargain with our DADDY all we need do is be direct with HIM. Let’s get something cleared up; this is a lesson that even I have had to learn because I have always given people the benefit of the doubt. However, just because a person says Lord or will say it multiple times does not mean that they know the LORD and the LORD knows that person. Church’s are filled with religious people that know how to play church; they know what to say but they don’t know how or refuse to live in the manner in which our FATHER desires us to live. So let’s not get excited when we hear a person say all the right things but get excited in their obedience to the will of the FATHER. This is my personal opinion and no one need get on board with me; however, I sincerely believe that the reason most proclaimed Christians don’t understand who their FATHER is because they have not established a loving relationship with HIM and that they are to ascared to openly acknowledge HIM against the popular public opinion. However, let me remind you that when you deny JESUS; JESUS will deny you to HIS DAD. How can a child of GOD say one moment that they know JESUS and the next go along with the ignorance of what the world is doing and saying? JESUS either lives in you or HE does not and you live in JESUS or you do not; it’s just that simple. Our DAD does not speak to HIS creation as HE does to HIS kids. No, not at all; as a matter of fact HIS most prized creation being human is the most ignorant. Our way of thinking is childish and we must be led just like actual sheep must be led all the time. We are also taught and skilled individuals; however, we place way too much in our education and our ability to work at something. Education and having a skill is great but it cannot hold a candle to what the Holy Spirit teaches us and the Spirit of Wisdom. Time and time again GOD has taken the uneducated to do HIS will just has HE has taken the unskilled to perform the impossible. I love education as long as it’s something that I’m interested in and I believe that we all should be skilled for a task. But I will not exchange what I’ve learned from the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Wisdom for one minute of schooling. My education has not prepared me for the things that my FATHER has had me speak, think or do. My skill did not prepare me for the things my DAD has had me to do and will have me to do. I, just like others who have been; is being or will be used by the FATHER are everyday ordinary people doing extraordinary things in JESUS. Our DAD will conceal what we HIS kids consider to be natural from the know it all of life and reveal HIS plans to HIS kids. I love my natural family as I’m certain you do as well; they can be a clan of large members which they are for me or they can be small as they are for others. However, my heavenly family is larger than I will ever be able to imagine. And I will be honest with you; when I meet my brothers and sister in CHRIST JESUS; I get excited when my spirit is in agreement that we are kin. Now let me share this with you; just as JESUS said; you are not my brother and sister and mother because you say so. We are the brothers, sisters and mother of JESUS because of our obedience to the FATHER. JESUS considers obedience to be thicker than blood; so if this is how HE views things so do I. To conclude this portion of the series that the Holy Spirit is having me to write; if you don’t get anything-please get this. There are many weeds in the garden that look like beautiful flowers but they don’t have a heavenly aroma; yes, they can be attractive but they mean no good. JESUS who knows all will one day send HIS heavenly angels to till the garden; they will de-weed by pulling them up from their roots and cast them into the fire. Now you who are pretending to be Christian and those who call themselves Christian but are no more Christian than you sitting in your home 24/7 makes you house. You are only fooling yourselves and you maybe fooling others but you ain’t fooling JESUS. You will go down complaining and asking why; but JESUS will not listen. Those who are the genuine disciple of JESUS will be the ones who will shine forth just like the sun in the Kingdom of our DADDY.

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