5c6819ad68f12e9cbccc0adf9ded-is-philosophy-and-religion-in-conflict-with-each-otherBelieve it or not, there are more born-again CHRISTians living under legalism rather than the freedom of GOD’s gift of grace. No longer must males be circumcised to prove that they are in agreement with the Holiest GOD, after all when we read about the males who were circumcised they did not follow the laws as it was required. This is because the flesh is incapable of obeying what is good in CHRIST without assistance. No longer must we jump through hoops to prove who we are in GOD through CHRIST. CHRIST, if we have believed by faith, has already circumcised our hearts spiritually and we were buried with HIM in the baptism of CHRIST and just as CHRIST rose from the dead so did we because we believe in the working of our living GOD who also raised CHRIST from the dead first. So, we must live our lives on this earth with the knowledge that we were once dead and uncircumcised because of sin in our flesh. And, now we are alive in CHRIST who has forgiven us of all our sins, past, present and future. CHRIST has wiped away, erased, and made it null and void to follow requirements that we never had a chance at fully obeying in the first place. We can’t obey our parents, teachers, minor governmental laws and such so what makes us think that we can obey the Ten Commandments and the Laws of Moses? We are victorious only because CHRIST is our victor who overcame everything [all, nothing missing] on behalf of us. So eat what you desire, live your life in a manner that is not harmful to you. We all must know our limitations and what is not harmful to our bodies as well as what is not pleasing to our LORD and Savior CHRIST. When people instill traditions and requirements on people believing that this is how GOD desires us to live our lives as proof to everyone that we belong to HIM we begin to look like the sour pickle-faced folks and we should not want to look like them. We have a radiance from within and we smile and reflect the joy that we have in CHRIST. We don’t place credence in what color the moon is or the position of the stars alignment, why the weather is hotter or colder than normal, and which day of the week we must gather together to worship our LORD in our local assembly. None of this means anything to our GOD through CHRIST. Recognize true humility from people, cease from worshipping angels, Mary or the Apostles, don’t allow anyone especially yourself to cheat you from the reward. Have you ever heard the term carnal Christian? Well, if not let me explain who they are. They are folk who say that they are Christians yet there actions and conversation have no reflection of CHRIST whatsoever. I like to also call these people professors of CHRIST they will say but they don’t live. Another type of CHRISTian is the blood washed, these people possess CHRIST and though at times we who are possessors resurrect the old nature of ourselves from time to time. We often return to CHRIST because we are growing up in HIM and eventually those things that we either love so much that is not like CHRIST or those things that set us off will disintegrate from our lives replaced by the fruit of the Spirit and we will never miss it. Possessors of CHRIST will look for what is in heaven that they can take hold of and pull it down for our use, we don’t pollute our minds with trivial things of this earth but daily learn how to live as citizens of heaven. Thank GOD that the dead former us have no place with CHRIST and that upon HIS return we will all who belong to HIM will appear with HIM in HIS glory. It will take time for us to mature in the ways of CHRIST but we can do this with HIS help and HIS help is the Holy Spirit which HE has given to us. Pick something about yourself that you no longer want to do, give that over to CHRIST and find scripture that we can daily concentrate on until we realize or someone tells us that we no longer do this or that. This is the time that we will see the victory of our being overcomers through CHRIST. No longer remain or operate as the sons of disobedience do, they are called son because their father is satan just as we were once his children. But glory to GOD in the highest we are no longer his. Remember that we have put on our new self through CHRIST and that we are in the image of CHRIST because HE is the One who created us. GOD did not free us to continue being prejudice because of a person’s skin coloring or where they come from. Once they become a part of the body of CHRIST that should be enough for us to boldly proclaim that he/she is our brother/sister in CHRIST. Our character and integrity in CHRIST is maturing so, what does a blood washed, possessor of CHRIST look like? We are merciful, kind, humble, not easily irritated, patient, and forgiving. Who are we not to forgive our siblings in CHRIST or for that matter any person? We know that we are forgiven in CHRIST and some of us were hum-dingers, so just as we have been forgiven we must forgive. Put love on and never take it off allow GOD’s peace to rule in our heart and please become thankful. The Word which is CHRIST should be living in our hearts providing us with a wealth of wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Because it is He who teaches us consistently if we let Him through our listening, obeying and application of the Word in our lives. Now, whatever we have need of doing be it for ourselves or at the request of others, do so in the name of CHRIST JESUS and be thankful to GOD our FATHER. We will not be moved by the trials of life we must endure rather we will band together and encourage one another and re-establish the faith that we have. Let’s face it, sometimes when we are knocked down we allow our faith to be rocked/shaken this is why we all must have someone steady that we can speak with who will not only listen but will inspire and encourage us to get up in our remembrance of what CHRIST has done and who we are in HIM. CHRIST has come through for us in past situations that we have faced so, what makes us think that HE will not assist us where we are in these trials? Don’t allow the enemy to trick you or for that matter continue to speak to you in your ears. There is a prayer for the body of CHRIST which I am including.

Now may our GOD and FATHER HIMself, and our LORD CHRIST JESUS. And may the LORD make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all, just as we do to you, so that HE may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our GOD and FATHER at the coming of our LORD CHRIST JESUS with all HIS saints.

Take comfort in the knowledge within our hearts that CHRIST is coming back. I am prompted to share that in most funerals or home going services that we attend we are rarely encouraged by what we hear during the service. Either the service is all about the person in the box, urn or a beautiful picture which is displayed for all to see. This is the time that we must share the gospel of CHRIST because most of the members of the audience attend worship service weekly or monthly for that matter. Most of the attendees may attend service on Easter, Mother’s Day, and CHRISTmas. We need to cease from speaking ignorance as to keep the immature CHRISTians ignorant and the non-believers from knowing what actually happens if and when we die. CHRISTians know this, that we are only asleep because we are in CHRIST and possess an eternal hope in HIM. We believed just as CHRIST died and was buried we too will die and be buried or cremated but regardless of what is done with our remains we will rise again. And for those who are still alive when CHRIST returns we will not ascend into the air to meet CHRIST before those who are asleep in HIM. CHRIST is coming back with a shout from the archangel and the blast from the shofar of GOD. Those who fell asleep in the marvelous hope in CHRIST will rise first and then those who are alive still and possess CHRIST in their hearts will all be caught up together to meet CHRIST in the air. And we will remain with CHRIST forever and ever.

There is coming a time when those who have professed CHRIST will abandon, depart and desert what they once proclaimed to believe in CHRIST. This is because the heat will be on, the pressure will be applied to anyone alive to survive carnally. These people are deceived by the knowledge that CHRIST has already returned. Just as there are people today who believe in the predicted date that usually comes about every Easter. We are not to give importance to or occupy ourselves with lies that foster and promote useless speculations and cause us to question rather than our acceptance in our faith of GOD’s administration and the divine training that is in faith. Also, the man of sin must be revealed and he will be after all he is the son of destruction and ruin. This fool will oppose everything of the living GOD and CHRIST and he will exalt himself because he believes that his father satan will place him to sit in the temple of the holiest GOD to show those who follow him through deceit that he is a god. However, this idiot will be destroyed with the consuming breath of the LORD and HIS glorious brightness when HE returns to gather HIS elect. Understand that the workings of CHRIST is everlasting and the workings of satan are destructive and temporary as well as limited copies of what our GOD does. What the son of destruction and all those who follow him will receive is hell and the lake of fire because they did not receive within them CHRIST. They could have chosen to be loved and saved but they did not. And because of this GOD will send strong delusion they will be deceived and mislead within their minds. They will believe whatever lies they listen to and they all will be condemned who do not believe in the Truth but will enjoy the pleasure of being unrighteous.

We who are blood washed and understand that we are forgiven have so much to be thankful for. We were all once enemies of GOD and we all spoke of the Supreme Being in terms of being irreverent; spoke reproachfully of GOD using HIS name in profanity or saying HIS name as though we are saying gee-whiz or golly, we persecuted others, and were prideful, contemptuous of other, overbearing, and  domineering. However, the grace that we received from CHRIST is exceedingly abundant with faith and love. CHRIST came into the world to save us not to condemn us and it is for this reason that we have obtained mercy from HIM.

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