All of us make purchases with or without the use of coupons. The only time most of us think of the word redeem is when we are using our coupons and this is only because the word is actually written on the paper or digital device. How many of you with the exception of the CHRISTmas holiday ever tried to return or exchange a purchased item from a store without a receipt? Impossible to follow through on the transaction right? Any place of business that sells merchandise has signs posted for the customer to observe and understand the redemption process that when we follow the directions will be hassle-free. Try to redeem without doing what you the customer must adhere to and you just may leave the store without satisfaction. Well, CHRIST redeemed mankind from the curse of the law, HE purchased mankind back from the hands of satan and all we need do is believe in HIM about our being redeemed. Those who believe in CHRIST are spiritually blessed. CHRIST chose us we did not choose HIM and HE did so before HE created the foundation of the world. Mankind was predestined to live a holy life and be without blame in the love of CHRIST. Some parents who adopted a child or children are ashamed to use the word adoption. The word is not a dirty word by the very definition anyone who is adopted will receive whatever a biological child would inherit. I’m not biologically adopted, however, I’m spiritually adopted and rejoice to tell anyone this because I’m a joint heir with CHRIST whatever HE has I have and because of who HE is I am as well through HIM. I’m CHRIST good pleasure and it is HIS will to take care of me. This is how the body of CHRIST must see themselves. See yourself as accepted and beloved by the FATHER through CHRIST. It’s all because of the blood of CHRIST which has redeemed us of our sins it has nothing to do with what we do in works or our trying to bargain our way into the Kingdom of GOD because none of that works on our behalf. We can even beg, plead and cry and none of this means anything. The grace of CHRIST is rich and is in great plenty it’s incapable of running low or out. Through this, we gain HIS wisdom with the method of doing or not doing something which is the mystery from those who do not belong to HIM but open to us that which is purposed within HIMself. When the time is completed we will be gathered together those who are in heaven and those who are on earth. Either begin to trust or continue to trust the Word of Truth, the gospel of our salvation who is CHRIST and because of HIM we have been sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise who guarantees our inheritance until we are redeemed of the purchased possession. Remember how the receipt or coupon is used we use the coupon to pay a reduced purchase price and we show a receipt to prove that we made a purchase. Our redemption is to the glory and praise of our FATHER. CHRIST is our peace no more do we have need to have anyone pray on our behalf or speak to the FATHER for us. No more is there a separation between those who have been adopted and are now joint heirs with CHRIST. We can enter the throne and speak to our FATHER firsthand, no more are we enemies because of the law or rituals and rules which was established by authority. CHRIST made peace but it’s only through our belief that we come back to the FATHER by what CHRIST did for us on the cross. I’m certain unless you are familiar with masonry or construction that we don’t think much about CHRIST being our cornerstone or how this even makes any sense to us. CHRIST is our Chief corner-stone, HE is the principal stone, and especially the stone which forms the corner of the foundation of an edifice. We are the edifice, the church, and the household of GOD. We are continually being built on the foundation of the Apostles, the Prophets and most importantly CHRIST JESUS HIMself. Because of CHRIST we are being fitted together and growing into a holy temple in HIM and we are the place where GOD the Spirit lives. If we want to make anything difficult stick mankind in the mix and we will without fail cause confusion every time. The mystery of the gospel is so very elementary and clear but we work overtime in making it difficult through the blindness of sin. No certain denomination of people are better than another and no certain denomination of people will enter into the Kingdom of GOD if we don’t believe in CHRIST completely. CHRIST suffered, died and resurrected for all of mankind. It is HIS desire that we all become joint heirs and will take part in the gospel of CHRIST. GOD created all things through CHRIST and the wisdom of GOD which is too numerous is to be made known by HIS children from the supreme power in heavenly places. This is the eternal purpose which is accomplished in CHRIST. We are to be bold and access with confidence with the faith that we possess in CHRIST. So, don’t lose heart about what we see which disturbs us we possess the glory of GOD. Appreciate the mystery which is hidden from anyone that chose not to believe in CHRIST bow your knee, knees or heart to our FATHER and our LORD CHRIST because HE lives within our heart through faith and we are rooted and grounded in HIS love. And because of this. we know the love of CHRIST which is above the understanding of those who do not have HIS love in their heart so it’s incomprehensible to understand we my beloved is filled and running over with the fullness of GOD. Dear siblings in CHRIST we are to make CHRIST our everyday conversation with anyone we are in conversation with. Even if those that we speak with telling us that they know that CHRIST is good, or that HE died on the cross, or that HE forgives sins and that HE is loving. It’s good that we hear those things from them but we are to find out if they just know this carnally or do they really believe this in their hearts are their spirit truly alive in HIM. We are being delivered by the prayers of others and we help in the deliverance of others through prayers for those things that we are in need of come from the Holy Spirit of CHRIST. Our diligence is to magnify CHRIST from within outward not outward to within. Our character and integrity will be a reflection of who we rely on, self, satan or CHRIST. What type of fruit is growing from us? Our joy becomes abundant in CHRIST. Some of us may remember how our growing pains felt as we were crossing over from childhood to adulthood, this was in the flesh wanting to be an adult yet the restrictions of our age kept us in the place of a child. Which is good for our own protection until we reach maturity and not what we assume is maturity. It’s the same in our spirit, we experience discomfort brought on by our wanting to do that which pleases GOD through CHRIST yet our flesh desires to do another that which may be or not a sin. Let us not be confused if the Word of GOD does not instruct us in the New Testament that what we desire to do is a sin do not allow others or that guilty conscience to stress us out that what we desire to do or eat is sinful. Not everything we do is a sin, learn to live life in the freedom of CHRIST because in CHRIST we are free from the distress of the mind and misery of ourselves and others. In the Holy Spirit learn to love everyone freely, spend more time with those who share the same interest as we have in CHRIST rather than spending more time with those whose company we enjoy yet they have a dead spirit, they have no interest in pleasing GOD but rather themselves. Even when we experience affliction know that we have more than enough mercy from CHRIST which will fulfill our joy because we have the mind of CHRIST. Live life without being selfish and conceited, respects everyone and take care of all our own interest but also when asked or when we see that we can be a help to others do so. This is what it means to be humble. Regardless of our success be helpful to anyone that we see is in need of being helped. Never allow who we are distracted us from doing what CHRIST did for HE is our blueprint. Always keep in mind that it was CHRIST who died on the cross for us and it was CHRIST who has been highly exalted and must remain so and it is CHRIST who has the name JESUS which is above every other name so that at the very name of JESUS we are to bow our knee, knees, but especially our hearts and this is done by those of us who are still on the earth and it is also done by those who are in heaven. Our tongues are the instruments by which we herald that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD of GOD’s glory who is our FATHER. And there will come a time that even those who have chosen to descend down to the very bowels of hell to the lake of fire will confess CHRIST JESUS is the LORD. Beloved beware of anyone who practices evil know that these people will mutilate our emotions more often than our flesh. A true CHRISTian will worship the living GOD from within our spirit rather than just from our mouths. Always rejoice in the spiritual knowledge that CHRIST is our confidence. Everything we decide to do must be done within CHRIST. Set out to accomplish the dreams and goals that have been given to us through CHRIST, see the vision without a doubt that we can accomplish them. Press on in CHRIST never again be chained by what we were like in our past even if our past was yesterday, this morning, afternoon or evening. We are going to goof things up. But when we do and we acknowledge that we goofed up, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go forward reaching for those things which are before us because our goal and our prize is our call that we have answered from GOD through CHRIST. Enjoy life and attain those things that we desire which are not harmful to us but keep this in mind that what is seen and what we obtain is temporary so we should not worship anything or anyone including ourselves for GOD and CHRIST is the only One worthy of being worshipped. A higher self-image will cause us to move away from the cross as sinners are already enemies of the cross. Our possessions should not fill our bellies with satisfaction but rather our obeying the FATHER through CHRIST should be our anchor by which we will be completely satisfied. Our permanent residence beginning from the time we believed in our heart and confessed with our mouth who CHRIST is has been heaven. This is why we have that eagerness to see HIM and the FATHER. We eagerly wait to receive unbroken bodies which some of us suffer with from diseases [all types], and aches and pains [all types]. Our earthly bodies will finally be done away with and we will receive our glorious bodies according to the workings of CHRIST.

Dear siblings in CHRIST be filled with the knowledge that we must know HIS will which can only be obtained from the Holy Spirit who provides us with wisdom and spiritual understanding by teaching us but we must request this. In so our knowing the will of CHRIST will cause us to live worthy of HIM fully pleasing and being fruitful of what is good as we increase in the knowledge of GOD. We are growing stronger according to the power of CHRIST which provides us with patience in the joy which also prompts us to be thankful to our FATHER who qualified us to share in the inheritance that CHRIST has. We are forevermore delivered by all powers of darkness and has brought us into the Kingdom of HIS SON’s love because of our redemption through HIS most precious blood the forgiveness of sins. CHRIST is the very image of the invisible GOD. Want to see GOD look at CHRIST. CHRIST is the One who created everything invisible and visible because everything was created for HIM. CHRIST existed before everything, HE is the beginning and HE is the end. HE is the pre-eminence. So because the FATHER is pleased that all the fullness is living in CHRIST it is through HIM alone that we are called back to the FATHER to be in union with HIM. Peace has been paid in full on the cross through the blood of CHRIST. Look out for those who try to persuade you through philosophy about what is or is not true in regards to our faith in CHRIST. Philosophy is just to have a love for wisdom and there is nothing wrong with this, however, wisdom belongs to GOD and to obtain true wisdom is to go to the FATHER and ask for HIS wisdom through CHRIST who will provide us with the wisdom needed for the day from the Holy Spirit. Those who philosophy by education and worldly knowledge don’t understand the wisdom that we receive from the Holy Spirit and our decision to listen to Him comes across to those with a lack of understanding as weird until they see the results that come from Him. So don’t allow yourself to be conceived by tradition.

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