Come on in the Blood is better than fine

Hebrews 10

Over the years we have been hearing that doing the same thing and getting the same partial or negative results is insane. What may have worked or may seem to work is only a shadow of what actually and accurately works. The law at one time was all mankind had and it was only a shadow of what actually and accurately works. It was extremely difficult for man to adhere to the law then and it’s far difficult today to adhere to the law without the Holy Ghost. The law and the need to make sacrifices have never and could never make anyone perfect but the grace and mercy of JESUS CHRIST does. After all; it’s worth thinking about; after providing a sacrifice to the priest and knowing that you are no longer accountable for sin. Wouldn’t you worship the Almighty GOD with thanksgiving and praise and never think about what you were or what you did? Unfortunately, that is not what happened then and that does not happen today. The Israelites had a reason for being sin conscience to some degree; they were aware that they were sinners but their faith in a future hope was not strong that one day MESSIAH was coming to take away the sins of the world. Today we don’t have that excuse; MESSIAH has already come and HE has already taken away the sins of the world. HE was the perfect sacrifice given to the FATHER as a sweet smelling aroma for the entire world. For every person living, to the unborn and to those who believed that was in Abraham’s bosom. We don’t have nor need a ritual everyday, every month or every year that we must be atoned of our sins. Once we hear the Word, believe what we hear; accept and receive JESUS; it’s a done deal. Our past is forever removed from us; we don’t have to return to anything associated to what we used to be. We have been given a brand new beginning. Think of it this way; in our vehicles is one small rear view mirror and two small mirrors on each side of the car. Those items are used to help us see where we have been but we can’t focus on where we have been for long because when we do; we lose focus on where we are going and can cause an accident. We must always look ahead; that is why the windshield in the front of the vehicle is larger than the windshield in the rear of the vehicle. There is just so much more to see ahead. Back to our blood redemption; when JESUS came into the world HE openly said; “Sacrifice and offering, YOU did not desire, a body YOU have prepared for ME. Burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin, YOU had no pleasure. Then I said, “Behold, I have come in the volume of the book it is written of ME to do YOUR will, MY GOD”.  In the death of JESUS on the cross; HE took away the first covenant and established a far better covenant with HIS people. We are sanctified through the final offering in the body of JESUS CHRIST; it’s a done deal. Never again will there be another and there has never been one before. No priest (5 fold ministry) before or after could stand in a position to minister and offer sacrifices for the taking away of sins. CHRIST JESUS through the will of HIS FATHER and knowing that this is what HE was giving a body to do; gave HIMSELF. HE is our living sacrifice for sins eternally; and now HE sits at the right hand of HIS FATHER GOD. One day HIS enemies will become HIS footstool. Think about that for a moment to crush your enemies under the weight of your feet on their backs; LOL. We are sanctified my brothers and sisters because of HIS perfect offering for mankind. The Holy Ghost is a witness to us. And HE gives us hope with these words. “This is the covenant that I will make with them says the LORD; I will put MY laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them. Their sins and their lawless deed I will remember no more.” Because we are forgiven / remission there is no need of further offerings; JESUS is and was the perfect and complete offering for the sins of the world. Now, we can go into the throne room and climb up onto our FATHER’s lap and hug HIS neck; kiss HIS face; tell HIM how much we love HIM; acknowledge that you know that HE loves you; tell HIM about your day; tell him what is troubling you. You are and individual to HIM and HE desires to spend quality time with you; HE wants to be in relationship with you not religion. The blood of JESUS has given us this bold access to GOD the FATHER and HE’s hurting because all of HIS children are not taking advantage of HIS love, compassion and care. Come on in the blood is fine we are always welcome into the throne room. GOD is KING; HE’s our DAD which makes us HIS princes and princesses. Do you have to ask to go to different parts of your earthly parent’s home or do you have full range to move about as you like; eat what you want; drink what you want and so on. When you visit your parent’s house you are at home; it’s no different for us when we go to the palace / heaven. All we need is faith and a true heart. You maybe thinking that you don’t have that or how would you know if you have that. It’s simply; our hearts have been sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies have been washed with pure water. Don’t allow anyone to sway you from what the Word of GOD tells you; the Holy Ghost speaks to you directly about JESUS. What one may say about the interpretation of the Bible may sound good but does not necessarily mean that it is good and I’m including myself in that. We have a hope in CHRIST JESUS so don’t become double minded about HIM or HIS Word; confess certain scriptures that will help build your faith in strength daily. You must convince yourself that you are who JESUS says you are and that JESUS is who HE is. It does not matter what it looks like and it does not matter what it feels like; all that matters is JESUS and HIS Word. If you attend school or work around more non-believers than believers; I would like to make a suggestion. First of all non-believers are not off limits; I socialize with many non-believers; they know what I’m about and in time and at the right time the LORD will arrest them. That is if HE wants to use me as that tool; one of my best friends accepted JESUS in Feb. 2013. One of the compliments he gave to me was that he just watched me; saw the miracles that JESUS had done in my life pertaining to blindness, walking and being bed ridden. He said he never once saw my faith waiver and most importantly; I never beat him up with the Bible or JESUS. So his watching me was his version of the only bible that he chose to read at that time. Now he’s set ablaze for JESUS. Secondly, we need to spend quality time with our siblings in CHRIST JESUS because we are walking by faith together and not by sight. We have the same hope in CHRIST JESUS and most importantly we know that we have to stir each other up in love encourage each other and remind each other what the LORD is saying. Non-believers may run from us but we in the body of CHRIST should never run from each other. Lately, I’ve been hearing males and females just say maybe one word that lets me know we are kin folk and I will acknowledge them and if no more than 30 seconds we enjoy each other with praise to GOD. Stop being ascared and be bold; come out of the closet. Encourage each other; yes, they maybe a stranger by sight but they are not strangers. In my final thoughts; I want each of us to think clearly about what will come out of our mouths and what we intend to do. I hope that no one dares want to count what JESUS did for us as common and insult the Spirit of grace. I know that I don’t. Nothing about JESUS is common and if it was I know for certain that HIS sacrifice for me was not common. When the FATHER judges me; I want HIS sentence for me to be “Well done; good and faithful; come on in.” When people come up against me I remind myself that JESUS got this; my revenge is HIS vengeance. My revenge will not be done with the justification that fits the crime but HIS vengeance will. My revenge will not cause the person or people to repent but HIS vengeance will.  Keep your confidence in the LORD; you will be rewarded here on earth and most definitely in heaven. You are built from good stock; you have been purchased with a costly price; you are not your own; you belong to CHRIST JESUS and nothing and no one can snatch you from HIS hand. You have promises that will be fulfilled here on earth and in heaven. JESUS is coming back; so my dear sibs live by faith in HIM; don’t return to your former life because if you do…..JESUS will not be pleased. Final question of the day; if you decide to return to your former life; “What is it in hell that you want?”

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