Exalt Pt. 12

Exalt JESUS together as a family.

Acts 5:31; 21:20

For those of you who do not know JESUS and for those of you who do know JESUS. Allow me this moment to not only introduce HIM to some and to remind HIM to others but to also inform and inspire you as to HIS why.

JESUS the MESSIAH; the CHRIST; the Anointed One; GOD the SON, is who GOD the FATHER exalted to sit at HIS right hand. JESUS has been exalted to be our Deliverer, our Leader;  our Preserver, our Prince of Peace, our Protector, our Savior, and too many other characteristics of heart, integrity, and titles that HE carries out daily in the lives of HIS people. This has been done and given not only to Israel but to all of humankind in the world of enablement which through HIM only will be forgiven and released from our sins. HALLELUJAH! Once we have accepted in our hearts by faith who JESUS is there will be an immediate change in our hearts and our lives will begin through the necessary process to change as well. Just typing this encouraging, informative, and inspirational news to you has caused me to become over-excited and I have been experiencing HIS glory for over forty-plus years.

Just by reading what I have shared with you, I hope that a bell rang in your heart of hearing or a light bulb over your head which brought you to pay attention and adhere to what you just read and comprehend what is in store for you when you come to believe by faith in JESUS. JESUS and I want you to come and adore and exalt HIM, we want you to know the ONE that will grow into some of the reasons why you are thankful and willing to praise HIM. JESUS is worthy of our giving to HIM glory through our praise and thanksgiving. But most of all JESUS and I have a burning desire in our hearts for every man, woman, boy, and girl to become believers in JESUS all over the world. And once you have experienced the goodness of GOD’s glory tell others, this is called testifying. People not only need to see the change in our lives, but they need to hear how and who caused the change in our lives. When we live our lives through the change that only JESUS provides then people will take notice and then we can share with them why we are devoted to JESUS in the hopes that those who ask us questions will become devoted to JESUS as well.


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