How Do You See Grace?

Hebrews 2:9, 4:16, 10:29, 12:15, 13:9

Did you know that JESUS took off HIS deity to become human as we are? This means that just as we are made just a little lower than the heavenly angels, JESUS was willing to become that for us. Right here is where many people need to stop and reflect on why they give so much credit to angels when angels are our servants. They are not to be worshipped. They are not our go-to people when we need guidance. Heavenly angels are not the ones who speak to us about not doing those things that are displeasing to GOD. The Holy Spirit does that. Heavenly angels are assigned to the children of the Living GOD. Lastly, there is no such thing as a guardian angel the term guardian angel is a human idea taken from the scriptures and interpreted incorrectly. The angel of the LORD is JESUS, Ps. 34:7. All children have assigned angels who look upon the face of the Almighty GOD who is in heaven, Mt. 18:10. Most people who proclaim that they have a guardian angel do not realize that what they are saying or believing in is usually referred to in support of the idea that every individual has a particular guardian angel that has no such meaning. These two scriptures merely indicate that GOD employs the ministry of angels to deliver HIS people from affliction and danger and that the angels do not think it below their dignity to minister even to children and to the least among CHRIST’s disciples/HIS people. So, here is the question, do you see JESUS when in HIS humanity written in the Word of GOD as being fully human and is just a little lower than the angels as we are? This is so that in HIS human form HE would be able to taste death just as we humans will have to do. The difference here is that JESUS tasted death not for HIMself but for every human that lived before HIS humanity, every human who lived during HIS humanity, and for every human who lives after HIS death on the cross at Calvary. However, here is the kicker, every human will die an earthly death but every human will not experience an eternal death all because when JESUS died on that cross it was not over. As HIS human body laid in that tomb JESUS was still at work for us as HE went into the bowels of hell and snatched back the keys of death so that those who will die believing in HIM will not die an eternal death. Remember eternity is everlasting. All because JESUS was willing to suffer and die in our place, HE suffered in HIS flesh and HIS mind, and then HE died for you and me. Nothing JESUS went through was done in vain. So, now JESUS was raised from the dead, HE ascended back into heaven to sit upon HIS throne wearing HIS crown of glory and honor all because HE and only HE was able to fulfill humanity’s destiny. Read and reflect on the beauty of JESUS in Psalms 8.

Do you see and think as GOD intended?

With the introduction that has been provided, we should have the understanding that we are to see and think of ourselves as GOD intended. We are to follow the guidance of JESUS for HE saw and thought of HIMself to being equal with GOD. However, our equality is found in CHRIST JESUS, not in ourselves. JESUS clung to the FATHER and we must do the very same. We are no longer slaves to sin but slaves to righteousness in the FATHER because of JESUS. JESUS was in HIS humanity selfless and obedient; HE did not claim special privileges because of who HE is. Think about this, JESUS in HIS humanity could have backed out of HIS assignment, what human wants to die for other people? Not just those we may care about and think that we are willing to die in their place, but HE died for every single person on the planet regardless of who they were, who they are, or who they will be in our obedience to sin. Today, the children of the Most-High GOD need to speak about the resurrection power found in JESUS, how we can bypass the foul smell of death and hell because of HIM. Here is another promise GOD has given to us, JESUS was given the Holy Spirit from our FATHER and JESUS pours out HIS Holy Spirit into us. We all know this verse of scripture but we all do not believe this verse of scripture. “GOD loved this world so very much that HE gave HIS One and Only Begotten SON to the world so that none of us will have to eternally experience destruction all because we chose to believe in JESUS, anyone can believe in JESUS and when we do, we will experience a whole and lasting life here on the earth and eternity”.

We need GOD’s grace for our failures

Ahh, how I give GOD glory and praise because I can come before my DADDY with confidence where I am met with grace instead of condemnation and judgment. How many of you know this? At the throne of JESUS, we can obtain HIS help in HIS grace because we all need this and HE is always on time with HIS supply, HE gives us exactly the measure we need from day by day. CHRIST JESUS brought us together with HIM so that we too can be embraced. All hostility towards us has ended by the death of JESUS on the cross. CHRIST JESUS came and HE preached peace to all of us who were or are outsiders. JESUS treated us all as equals and so HE made us equals because, through HIM, HE gave to us to share in the same Spirit so that we will have access to the FATHER.


I urge you to take heed to this warning! Those who are non-believers, despisers, disobedient, rebellious, and so forth regarding JESUS. To those of you who treat the Blood of JESUS which is HIS new covenant [NT] which does purify us all from sin. To those of you who insult the Spirit of Grace [Holy Spirit]: your punishment is far worse than you can imagine. We are in a spiritual war and there is no neutral ground. You are either on the side of CHRIST JESUS or you are on the side of the enemy [satan] when we are not being a help, we are making things worse. Every thought we think, every action we participate in can be forgiven and is forgiven. This is the only sin that will never be forgiven and that is when we deliberately and persistently slander [Disgrace; reproach; disputation; ill name; defame; to injure by maliciously uttering a false report respecting one; to tarnish or impair the reputation of one by false tales, maliciously told or propagated] the Spirit of the Living GOD [Holy Spirit] then we are repudiating [dicard, reject, cast away (atheist-agnostic)] the very One who forgives. In our ignorance when we reject JESUS due to our misunderstanding of HIM that will be forgiven but the rejection of the Holy Spirit that makes as much sense as sitting up in a tree on a branch and sawing it off while you are sitting on it. Be careful that we are not found turning away from JESUS once we have come to HIM do not allow what is distorted, simply wrong, contrary to the Word of GOD, our stubbornness in the flesh to take control of our lives again.

Be aware to guard ourselves against turning our back on the grace of GOD. Some of us may find this to be an impossible thing but familiarity, that which we know and are comfortable with is ever calling for our return. Should we return to our old ways of living it will be the same as though we are dogs returning to their vomit. Beware of all trouble/trials that come our way, do not allow the negativity of any sort to take control of us because when it does it will sprout roots and those roots are filled with poisonous bitterness that will grow and like any ivy plant take full control. We have been given the promise of resting in CHRIST JESUS and it pulls us towards the goals that our FATHER has in store for us. So be careful not to disqualify ourselves through disobedience, disbelief, and complaining. The blood covenant which was made before the presence of the Israelites was not made just for them but for all future generations and that covenant still has wonder-working power. Here is another warning my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS; we all at one time served idols whether we knew this or not so do not let your guard down for one moment because the enemy will use any person regardless of how close they are to us or distant and this does not just pertain to a location but it also pertains to a relationship. Most often the enemy will use the ones that we are in love with such as our parents, grandparents, children, siblings, friends, or whoever to side-track us from keeping our eyes on JESUS and our goals in HIM. Do not allow their poison to infect you, you have heard the words of the covenant, you know the oath given to us. Do not think for one second that we can do or say whatever we please and get away with it because we will ruin ourselves and those who are watching and listen to us.

Our Inner Strength

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of GOD not through foods. Many people believe that we are to abstain from certain foods because they are an abomination towards GOD. This is simply foolishness; GOD has made everything and nothing that HE has made is to be called unclean. People who teach this to others and this may appear to be such a light thing to consider will also teach you other erroneous teachings that will pull you away from what is right in CHRIST JESUS. Our inner strength does not come from food but rather from obeying GOD’s grace. It is understandable that for health reasons we should obey our bodies in the indulgences of over-eating foods that do not agree with our overall health. But those foods that we love to eat must be eaten in moderation or abstained should we find out that we have allergies to certain foods. Our relationship or faith in CHRIST JESUS is not developed by the foods we eat.  Develop your relationship and increase your faith by reading, studying, and communicating with the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Ghost.


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