Philippians 2-1 Be Likeminded bible

I have a testimony that showed up in the manner of comfort. My mind used to be plagued by depression and oppression for forty years then the alleviation of the misery and distress that lived within me was taken from me so that my mind could be set free in refreshment as well as my soul. It’s possible for one who is blood washed and in-love with CHRIST JESUS to suffer even though HE had taken suffering from those who believe. The thing is those areas of our life that are either holding us captive by strong-holds or the un-awareness of truth, we will remain a prisoner and either we will experience deliverance in such a powerful way as I did or we will experience deliverance because we have heard the truth and we believe. Those of us who know that we are delivered to experience the joy that is spoken of in the Word of GOD. We know what it’s like to face trouble from time to time and yet our joy remains intact and full. No longer does evil bother us because we understand who orchestrates all things evil. In our knowledge of GOD’s truth through CHRIST JESUS who is our true support system, we are strengthened in our mind as our courage, hope, and joy brings comfort and refreshes our spirit.

Why is it that every creation recognizes the CREATOR with the exception of mankind, HIS own kind? Every one of HIS creations adheres to HIS presence but mankind who is full of rebellion and self-consolation comes to nothing but destruction. The animals when we hear the sound assigned to them to make are in constant praise of CHRIST JESUS. All plant life either is in the posture of raised limbs or in a state of bowing before the KING. The elements also obey the voice of GOD nothing happens without HIS say so. HE calls for the rain to come but HE does not call for the destruction by floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and other phenomenal destructions of the elements because HE does not want HIS creation that HE love so very much to suffer devastation and displacement. GOD sent HIS Word which speaks everlasting comfort to the hearer that is gentle. And it’s because of the fact that it seems too good to be true that we fail to believe. We look at JESUS to be a mere Man of fiction, of times, gone by, that which is no longer applicable. But that’s not so, we must cease trying to comprehend with our senses and believe by faith. Those of us who lack the richness of having money all want to be rich and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have in our possession an abundance of money so as not to be concerned with the debts we incur any longer, or to purchase whatever our hearts desire. But there is a very thin line between wanting and then getting. Without the wealth of money, we may say in our hearts that we want to help those who are less fortunate. That is until we get it because for every person who has the abundance of money right here in America no one should experience one day of hunger, homelessness, or torn and tattered clothes. Those that have the abundance of money may give to charities or purchase in abundance gifts to give away, however, it’s for publicity or a tax write-off. It’s not because they desire to truly be a help to those who are less fortunate. Having an abundance of money to the point that they are in the category of being called rich is and is not the answer. Many of the rich are not happy they don’t possess true joy. We often hear or read of celebrities who have become alcoholics, drug addicts, have mental disorders, have committed suicide, or spend much of their time alone to experience loneliness. Many who are rich do not possess their wealth but have allowed the richness of their financial accounts to possess them. The life of the rich is bringing them pseudo-consolation, there is a hole that they are trying to fill with material things, and they are trying to purchase friendship. Well, the life that they have chosen to live in the dense fog of delusion is their reward. Instead of being told the truth about what is right, they are surrounded by yesses. Their every possible imagination is being fulfilled and after it’s all said and done they are still wanting more. Those who are rich and have heard the truth of GOD in CHRIST JESUS are experiencing the fulfillment of HIS love that they were in need of but unaware. They have believed in the suffering of JESUS for themselves and begin to see the suffering of those who are not rich but are poor not only in wealth but also in spirit. Some have gone out and shared the Good News with those who are not wealthy and some have shared the Good News with those who are wealthy. Some have also turned their backs on the pleasures of the life that they once experienced for JESUS. None the less we all who are encouraged by JESUS are filled to the overflow and desire to share HIM with others. Just because we may face trials in life does not mean that our consolation in CHRIST JESUS has failed or become weak. Actually, it’s in our trials that will bring about the encouragement of deliverance for others. People need to hear and see what we’ve experienced because what will come is that if CHRIST JESUS did something for us it is assuredly granted to those who are going through the same experience that caused suffering yet in the midst we were delivered. Those of us who believe in CHRIST JESUS remain steadfast in our hope in HIM. Because we know that in our sufferings others will be encouraged when they see or hear our testimony. GOD is the ONE who brings to us who are downhearted encouragement, GOD is the ONE who refreshes our spirit because we were once depressed and sinking in our sin of disbelief in HIS SON. We have obtained and still in receipt of the promises that were given to us through demonstration that is unchangeable with the intention of what HE has promised us. We were once held captive and inmates to be pressed down as having a foot pressed upon our necks and in this state, our value in the eyes of ourselves and others becomes lower and lower. And we live a hopeless life of dejection and sadness. Then we are encouraged by those who deliver to us the truth of who CHRIST JESUS is, what HE has done, and who we are in HIM. By faith, we believe and we begin to live the life of comfort, we are joyful and refreshed because of the Word we heard. This is why we must fellowship with one another in the body of CHRIST. We bring encouragement because of our union in CHRIST. The comfort we lavish on one another is from genuine love that we have in CHRIST to be in the constant company of our CHRISTian siblings. We move and have our being in the Spirit which enables us to have compassion and sympathy for the mistakes we make as we grow in the grace of GOD. It is because we love genuinely that we are able to give much encouragement and joy that we refresh the hearts of GOD’s people. We are the ones who fled to take a firm hold of the hope that is set before us. GOD is not a man that HE can, will or would lie.      

Job 15:11, 21:2; Luke 6:24; 2 Corinthians 1:5-7, 7:6-7; Philippians 2:1; 2 Thessalonians 2:16; Philemon 1:7; Hebrews 6:17-18


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