Created, Creation, Creator, and Creature [a series- part 3]



GOD alone is the One who creates. Man makes with his/her voice by speaking into existence as GOD did because we are in the image of our Creator who is GOD. Nothing that man discovers or makes cannot be done without all things that GOD had already spoken into existence. When a man discovers or invents it is because he/she found what was always in existence we just could not see it. Hence the reason why man call what is found the discovery of something. As for inventions, we have to use every material that GOD created to form something into that particular condition. When a man is able to invent without the use of everything that GOD has created then and only then has man created. All humans have their being because of our Creator GOD as well as everything that has been created as recorded in the book of Genesis chapter one. GOD is the author of our existence. In GOD we live, move and have our being, Acts 17:28. GOD is not a being. Yet GOD exists.

A tender and loving mother from the moment we find out that we are expecting a baby we must become responsible for the precious life that we carry. Just as we are protective of our sweet baby once delivered outside our body we must remain responsible and protective before it’s too late. We should begin by reading scriptures to our baby while he/she is still in the womb and continue during story time when we are at home, from work or school. And again during those precious years when we tuck them into bed at night. Why is this so very important? Because we are all brought forth in iniquity, Ps. 51:5. We as parents are our children’s greatest influence not only are we all taught greatly by what we see rather than what we hear but when what we hear is linked to that of what we see in our lives it will cause us to recall to remembrance what we are being taught. Evil days will come to our young because this is when evil begins it’s not when we are teens, young adults or adults with responsibilities. So when the pressure of evil arrives our young ones will recall everything that was taught about our Creator. We will remember that although we have a free will to choose we are not our own. The physical pleasures of the flesh speaks to us all and when young we believe that we are invisible we never think or we should not be concerned with death. GOD willing; we will grow old and in this, we no longer will find pleasure in the work that we once performed for a living. We may lose our taste for all the foods and drinks we once enjoyed in our younger years. We will leave behind the nightlife of going out to concerts at arenas, clubs or stadiums. But what we should always have with us is our recall of our Creator and HIS pleasures for us beginning from our youth until we leave this world. Our remembrance of our Creator should be what we use to guide us into the activities of our actions and decisions. Instead, we believe that our Creator is sitting on HIS throne ready to knock us upside the head with a huge bat or that HE is angry and will judge us for our behavior. Yet, with thinking like this, it does not cause us to cease from our evil deeds. This is proof that we do not know or are respectful of our Creator. Our Creator wants us to rely completely on HIM, HE desires for us to speak with HIM. HE’s always awake; HE never sleeps; HE’s watching everything that we are doing and HE hears every thought in our heart, mind and what comes out of our mouths. Our Creator no longer grows tired and weary as once did because HE stepped out of heaven to become like a man and in HIS grace, love and mercy HE saved us from evil but there are so many souls that are unaware of this fact to the point of not believing. Some of these souls have heard that JESUS died for our sins, yet, they have not turned to CHRIST with their heart. Hence the disbelief in CHRIST JESUS. Our Creator understands that mankind is sinful this is why we desperately need a Savior and HIS salvation minute by minute, second by second, day by day, month by month and year by year. JESUS is the Holy One the creator of all and HE is the KING. JESUS came into HIS created world and mankind did not recognize HIM, yet, everything that HE created animals, plant life, seas, and the elements knew HIM when HE arrived here in the form of Man. They know that HE is GOD their Creator.

We are fools when it comes to the knowledge of our Creator. We know that there is a GOD but we disrespect HIM with the making of false gods made in the image of man, and other created things created by GOD. We disrespect HIM by calling HIM our higher power, or the man upstairs. We take away our Creators excellence, glory, and majesty when we exchange our immortal Creator who is GOD for that which is dead, deaf, mute and mortal. This is how we know that our Creator GOD has given us over to our own vileness of our heart. When we say foolish things like we were born to have passion and sex with the same sex we are. Adultery, fornication, and homosexuality are done because of the lust of the heart. We don’t know the truth about our Creator GOD this is why we place our trust in false gods from the idolization of humans to everything else created. GOD has given us up to continue in our degrading passions of the flesh. However, this does not mean that HE will not deliver us from these vile passions when we turn our hearts to HIM through HIS SON because of HIS love for mankind and not our vile and degrading passions of the flesh. These were also nailed to JESUS on that cross. Each and every one of us will have to face our Creators judgment. For the living that has turned their hearts to CHRIST JESUS our Creator and GOD, we have already been judged and found “Not Guilty” because we believe in the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of CHRIST JESUS. That we have been washed clean and delivered from sin. And those that die in their sin your judgment is unimaginable, yes, it is known that hell and the lake of fire is their eternal torment. But what will it be like for them to face their Creator GOD and have to see and speak with HIM without excuse for our disobedience and disbelief in HIM? For the righteous; don’t grow weary in the suffering that we endure for JESUS because in our suffering we are not alone CHRIST JESUS is going through the suffering with us. And CHRIST will get us through whatever we suffer with. Continue to do what our Creator GOD desires for us in HIS will for us by obeying the Word of GOD.

Ecclesiastes 12:1, 6-7; Is. 40:28, 43:15; Jhn. 1:10; Romans 1:23-26; 1 Ptr. 4:17-19


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