What are they and how will we recognize a dart when it’s headed our way? We need to understand just what a dart is and what it does. Too often we all get hit with darts because we are not watching out for them. And too often we all throw darts as well. A dart is a missile weapon of destruction it will either pierce, cause an infected wound or kill us. Darts are thrown suddenly and rapidly with velocity. And darts can even come by way of the people who say they love us or people we socialize with who are busybodies.


We are told to always, not sometimes or when we notice that our backs are up against the wall and we find it stressful and difficult to escape. But always we are to be covered in the faith of what the Word of GOD teaches us and in the faith in CHRIST JESUS. The purpose of a shield is to cover, defend and protect us from the danger which aims directly at our vital organs. For example, the police wear a shield at all times when they are on duty because it’s too time-consuming to dress in preparedness while they are answering the call for dangerous conflicts. We know their shield to be a bullet-proof vest. The police trust in the partner they are assigned with as well as the equipment that they have in their possession. What good is it if the partner they are entrusted with did not help to defend the life of the partner? And what good is it to be issued all the vital equipment to help protect them and us should they find themselves in combat against the enemy if the assigned equipment has been left at home, in the closet/locker, in the back seat of the automobile or the boot/trunk of the automobile? GOD has provided us with life- saving equipment but we fail to use them appropriately. We have the Word of GOD which encourages, inform, inspire, and instruct throughout the day. We have the full armor that we are told to put on not take off. Our shield which we have been given is that of faith especially the faith in CHRIST JESUS not faith in ourselves, others or things (Rom. 3:22, 26; 1 Tim. 4:6). We must remember that the enemy never takes a day off just because we don’t feel the heat from him. A good soldier is aware of the devil’s devices and schemes. Never be caught with your shield down or off.

Have a complete understanding of this there are two fathers. The father of the flesh, Adam who gave everything to satan who is the god of this world. And the FATHER of heaven to which we are born to once we come willingly to CHRIST JESUS from our heart and with our confession in HIM. The father of this world is a counterfeiter whose only desire is to keep us blind, deaf and dumb to our Creator GOD. This father of the world keeps the passion of our flesh operative to those things that we see with our blinded eyes. As well as our feelings, how it makes us feel and let’s face it, sin is fun but only for a short while. And he constantly speaks to those who are not born from the heavenly FATHER and they obey. Sometimes Christians have a difficult time knowing who is speaking to them and because they do they find themselves under attack because their shield of faith was not in use to block those fiery darts aimed at them. But those who are truly blood washed not by a simple profession but by a complete possession in CHRIST JESUS. We are the ones who because we have our armor on and forever watchful, we are the ones who are victorious over this world because we totally comprehend that we are conquers from everything that the underworld throws at us. We trust in our FATHER who is GOD over all to protect us completely.  

Ephesians 6:16, 1 Jhn. 5:4



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