maxresdefault (1)Simply put it is the absence of light. The light will always conquer darkness but for darkness, it is impossible for it to conquer the light. In the beginning of mankind, we were not created in darkness but in the light. Now the curse of sin causes us to be formed and birthed in darkness, intellectually clouded and ignorant of nature and being of our heavenly Creator, Jhn. 3:19. It was never intended for mankind to suffer infernal gloom which is hell that place of utter darkness, Matt. 22:13. Darkness is satan’s empire he rules the darkness because he is the god of darkness. The place of death which is the last curse that will be destroyed is a place of opaqueness, the quality of being impervious to light Jb. 10:21.

Once we come to CHRIST JESUS study HIS Word of grace and refrain from becoming legalistic and religious which is a constant disappointment due to the fact that the law is forever demonstrating that we can do nothing of ourselves to please the Holy GOD. Know with the assurance that we are true Disciples of CHRIST JESUS, we are born of the Kingdom of light. There will be many who will call on the LORD and there will be many who believe that by acknowledging in faith that GOD is real yet will deny the SON, CHRIST JESUS. Those who deny the SON will be removed from fellowshipping with the children of light because of their darkness. Those of the kingdom of darkness will never have a place with those in the Kingdom of light. Those who are the realm of darkness will be in utter confusion because of their belief and relying on their self-effort. And when they are thrust into the pit they will be in eternal agony. Yes, it is true, the Kingdom of our Holy GOD will be taken from those who grope around in the dark and will be given to and remain with those who produce the fruit of the vine. Wow, everyone will get a chance to see the father of faith Abraham, along with Isaac and Jacob in the company of all the prophets and those who are washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS. For a second those in darkness will believe that they have made it to heaven but as quickly as they see they will be cast into eternal darkness.

It is ever so important that we renew our minds in the Word and grace of CHRIST JESUS. In many cases, our minds and the appetites of our flesh are not immediately transformed from the life of darkness. We will still have the same desires and just as a newborn baby in the natural has all the capabilities the baby must learn to live and operate according to the laws of this world. We too who are babies in the spiritual must learn how to walk in the light because we are now of the light. We must have the mind of CHRIST JESUS and not just learn and memorize what we are to do and say but live accordingly in grace. For example, whatever country we are born or living in we learn and live in the customs of that country. The customs of our family and country is our culture and when we step away from our family and the way we do things in our country we become lost in that foreign country whose culture is not what we know. I’m an American and all I’ve known is the freedom my country provides. When we enter another country that has restrictions we experience a cultural shock because for the time of our stay in a foreign country the freedom that is so ingrained within us are to be put aside for a moment and we must adapt to the culture of another country. It is the same for us when we come out of the kingdom of darkness and enter into the Kingdom of light. Being born in the Kingdom of light we must leave behind the culture of darkness, turn in our documents of citizenship which were that of the kingdom of darkness and live as a native born to the light. We now carry new and better documents because we have defected from the kingdom of darkness. We are no longer sons of the darkness but the sons of the light.

When we are heirs of the light we rejoice because the FATHER has drawn us out of the darkness and to HIMself. We no longer are under the control and dominion of the kingdom of darkness. We now belong to HIS SON and of HIS love. Those of us in the light may wonder why we never went through the type of turmoil that is coming our way before and begin to not only think but to say that if this is what CHRISTianity is all about it would have been better if I remained unsaved. I know that feeling because in my early years of immaturity in the grace of GOD I have thought and said the same. We all do. But know this my beloved that the temptations and trials that come our way like fiery darts are not being done by our loving CHRIST JESUS. No, temptations and trials that cause us to doubt our faith in CHRIST JESUS, cause us to fall and lay there for a while are the weapons used by the absolute power, the one who has unlimited authority and control of this world. We think that people behave the way they do because they are just that way. No, people behave the way they do because like puppets on strings they are being pulled by satan and his demons. When we abdicate from the kingdom of darkness he sends out an all-points bulletin (APB) to bring us back no matter the cost. Our nearest and dearest are often used against us and whatever we enjoyed doing that is against the Word of GOD the enemy will use to entice us with. So don’t fret because we the children of light have become citizens of that place where we will be abundantly and richly provided for. Because we live in the Kingdom of light eternally with our LORD and Savior, CHRIST JESUS.

Rejoice, my beloved, because we have been chosen by GOD and HE is the One who transformed us into HIS marvelous light, we are called HIS royal priesthood, we must live as the dedicated nation that we are. Just as we are dedicated to our natural homeland. Remember it was nothing that we did or could do to bring us into this light, no, GOD had to purchase us with HIS SON’s precious blood. Now, we should without fear or reservation declare to those we socialize with and our family the virtue we now possess. Through the deeds that GOD will have us to do, displaying HIS perfection within us because we are no longer citizens of darkness but citizens of GOD’s marvelous light. We no longer grope around in darkness doing and saying whatever we desire in sins. Our eyes have finally been open to see what truly is in this dark and cold world. A dear friend of mine before he came to CHRIST JESUS never saw all the demons that are in this world. He called me up one night and said that he is seeing the destruction caused by demons and demons themselves. That they walked up to his car while he was sitting in it but turned away because they saw the blood of CHRIST on him. I said to him you can truly see because your eyes have been opened. We never see what we are a part of when we too are in darkness. Darkness is the kingdom of satan and GOD’s Kingdom is light HE brings us out of the darkness and into HIS light. It is there we have forgiveness of sin and we are released from the control of sins. We are now consecrated and purified by faith in CHRIST JESUS.

Beloved live life the way GOD intended from the beginning when HE created Adam and Eve. For in GOD, there is no darkness and because we are in CHRIST JESUS there is no darkness within us. Today while there is still breath in our mortal bodies we await for immortality. There is only one human who is immortal that is the Creator of unapproachable light and HE lives in that light. As a mortal man, we cannot see HIM yet, we give all honor to HIM because HE alone has dominion and everlasting power.

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