In many cases, the thought of being in debt to someone usually has finances attached to it. However, when JESUS left us the blueprint, not the prayer as many believe that it is but the instructions of how we are to pray as recorded in Matthew 6:9-13. HE instructed us to forgive those who have wronged us. Why would JESUS instruct us to forgive everyone who has wronged us? Because the FATHER our Creator has forgiven us of our obligation to do and say things. When JESUS died on the cross and pronounced the word “finished” it was complete to perfection. Our account was placed on HIM and removed from us. We cannot be charged with the crime of sin ever again. We should discontinue having a conscience of sin which leads to guilt, shame, and remembrance of the things we did which went against the Word of GOD. And allow ourselves to focus on the righteousness of CHRIST JESUS and HIS faith. But we will never be able to focus on CHRIST JESUS if HE does not reside within us. Many people confess the knowledge that JESUS has forgiven them but most do not believe it to be so. If you are in debt and have ever paid a debt off you know what a load that is off your shoulders. You can breathe, you feel as though a great weight has been lifted from you. It’s no different from what JESUS CHRIST has done for us on the cross. HE paid our debt in full, HE took each and every curse, disease (dis-ease), and illness known and unknown from us. We are no longer under the curse to be judged by the FATHER. But we must believe, trust and have faith that CHRIST JESUS did those things for us. CHRIST JESUS rose from the grave in victory so that we too can rise from our sleep that long slumber awaiting HIS return.

To know by faith in CHRIST JESUS that we are forgiven the debt of sin that we are born into and to know that is to have faith that we are forever forgiven even when we slip and fall to do a sinful thing. Places us in the knowledge of belief because of our faith in CHRIST JESUS that we are not sinners but the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS. The only debt that we must be conscious of is to love our brothers and sister in the faith of CHRIST JESUS. If we don’t love our heavenly, spiritual siblings we can’t love GOD our FATHER and HIS beloved SON JESUS. People will do things or say things that will be offensive to all of us and words especially are the most difficult to forget. I hate the saying that every child learns “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Many heal from physical abuse but it takes CHRIST JESUS to deliver us from the scars of emotional and mental abuse. When someone has offended us and we can’t bear to hear the debtor’s name, if we see them outside we cross the street or duck inside of a building and lastly if we are attending any type of event and we see the debtor and we feel the pangs of uneasiness. Then know that we are holding the debtor accountable for what he or she has done or said and how it causes us to feel. We must follow the example of CHRIST JESUS and leave the debt with HIM. Relax and be forgiving, pardon everyone who owes you a debt and give up all negative mental thoughts and feelings toward others. After all if we were to really give it some thought about who we were (that is if we have been blood washed), what we have done to others as well as said but most of all being in debt to the FATHER before we came to HIM. We will see that we don’t have a right to hold the debts of others against them because we have been set free from all our debts and the resentment that we should have from the FATHER we no longer have.

Matthew 6:12


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