Are We Encouraging One Another?

Romans 1:11-12

I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established—that is, that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.

Paul when writing to the Roman believers had an earnest desire to be among them. His desire was to keep company with them for however long it would be as well as during this visit, that Holy Spirit will transfer whichever gift He desired for the Roman believers to have. Notice that he wrote “to establish” them. For a person or a certain number of people to be established, they must first be unestablished.

For example, the covenant between GOD and humans is everlasting, Gen. 17:7. This is established, and permanently fixed in place.  Holy Spirit set and fixed Himself permanently within the believers. Remember, Holy Spirit did not enter and remain in the vessels that were of honor before the crucifixion of JESUS. Holy Spirit would come upon those that He willed to settle on and gave them either the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, power, strength, or guidance, and then He departed. Today, believers who are not baptized in Holy Spirit will want to have Him join The FATHER and JESUS within our hearts as they are permanently fixed there. JESUS said that “HE would pray for The FATHER to send The Comforter/Helper”, John 14:16. This is so we should become established in our faith walk.

What is the full blessing of CHRIST? The answer to that question is Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit enables us to do all that JESUS did while HE was here with us on earth and He will enable us to do far greater than that which JESUS did, John 14:12. Holy Spirit does not reside within us to pimp others, nor is He within us to spiritually manipulate others. That is not who He Is and for certain this is not what He does.

During our times when we are gathered together with our CHRISTian siblings, just to enjoy life, we are to be encouragers not condemners, not judges, not preachers, teachers, evangelists, prophets, or apostles. We are to lift each other up with the Word of GOD reminding one another of what GOD has done for us through HIS SON JESUS. Or we are to impart some wisdom to those who are lacking in the knowledge of who GOD is by way of being frustrated in not knowing who to speak with or what to do. Meaning that we have exhausted ourselves trying to deal with life through that what we have knowledge of instead of allowing The FATHER to do what HE does best, help HIS children out in all things. Either HE will remind us of HIS Word, or HE will lead us to where we need to be and who we need to speak with as well as what to say to the appropriate people.

Remember, Holy Spirit establishes us and we are in the body of CHRIST, JESUS Is the Vine and we are the branches. JESUS Is the Good Shepherd and we are the flock/sheep of HIS pasture. JESUS Is the Teacher and we are HIS students/disciples. I could go on and on about who JESUS Is, instead, I will conclude this blog with this.

We do not work among, attend schools among, or live among all saints. Saints are mixed in with non-believers and as a living epistle, it is up to us to show them JESUS who resides on the inside of us. Our character and integrity should be that of JESUS, We are not to convict any person of their unlawful ways of life from GOD.

We are to be encouragers through the carefully chosen words we speak and our tone, as well as our conduct among everyone. We have been established and we are to encourage those who believe in JESUS but who have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit to do so that they may become established in their faith as well. For Holy Spirit is the full blessing of The CHRIST.



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