Do some of us still need an earthly High Priest

Hebrews 5

Being Catholic; I have a right to address this issue. There was a time when GOD appointed men to be High Priest; however, that was just a foreshadow of the Great High Priest to come. Earthly High Priest were sinful just as anyone else. They had to be in right standing  with GOD before they could proceed with their task. They too had to offer sacrifices for the forgiveness of their sins.  They also had to be gifted to have compassion on everyone because if not; no one would have wanted to come to them to reveal their sins to them and to be forgiven. After all they too are subject to like weakness. Now we have been given a Great High Priest who is without sin. HE is full of compassion. HE had needed to offer only one sacrifice which was perfect for GOD. Never again has there been a request made to sacrifice to GOD again for the sins of mankind. The FATHER proclaimed JESUS as HIS SON and that it was a certain day that HE had been begotten. Remember only males can beget an offspring. GOD also herald that JESUS is a priest forever. So what is forever? Forever is eternal; never ending. So why is it that in the Catholic faith there is a Pope in other words a High Priest? And why is there in other faiths titles such as; Right Reverend, Most Holy Anointed Apostle, Chief Apostle, The Highly Consecrated Bishop and there are probably some more ridiculous titles floating about out there to make a person come across as super duper special. But I say it is all vanity. JESUS Is The SON. JESUS learned obedience through HIS suffering and waiting. JESUS is the one and only ever full man yet full GOD who is perfect. JESUS is the author of eternal salvation; we are to follow HIS lead. Not try to create something that does not exist from nothing. That has already been accomplished. JESUS has already informed us as to what we are to preach about “The kingdom of heaven is near.” JESUS has already told us that we are to be compassionate and loving to all. Not to those who only say they love us or will do whatever it takes to get next to you because of your title or how you are used in ministry. There are lost souls out here and we are not taking the Word to the streets as we should. We want the lost souls to come to us within the confines of the four walls. JESUS went and told us to go. Salvation is eternal to all of us who are willing to obey HIM. You need a High Priest, you got one and HIS name is JESUS.



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