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It is completely impossible for anything created by GOD not to be a doer. We all are designed to do something each and every day. Example, we all know people who are lazy but watch what it is that they are doing. They are either laying down, sitting, speaking, a doer of something illegal and so on. Animals are doers as well as all plant life, get the point creation is continually doing something. Now mankind should always be a doer of something positive for the LORD, self, and others. Let’s get a glimpse of what we should, could and can do each and every day.

When CHRIST JESUS resides within mankind our faith is tested not tempted but tested. Most times we fail the test because we are too consumed by what the desires of the flesh wants. Then after we fail the test we realize that we lost an opportunity to show CHRIST living within us to someone. But never fear because we will be tested again until we pass. We must actively and continually obey GOD’s rules for our lives in JESUS. We miss the mark often times because we hear the Word and will agree to what we hear but when we don’t observe to do the Word than it reveals to us and others that we did not listen so that what we heard will be planted deep within our hearts so that we can be a doer and not just a hearer only. Not being a doer of the Word of GOD but yet we can quote the Word or agree with the Word causes us to be fooled thinking that we know the Word when in reality it’s untrue. And the truth reveals to others that we are liars because people learn by what they see more often than what they hear. Everything at we are doers or do is because we know that thing that we do. In others words, our actions are often times the only way a person will see JESUS.

Our morality rule is clear “treat others as you want to be treated” that is the Golden Rule, it’s essence for mankind. However, mankind is rude, think that they are privileged and disrespectful towards others. We must adhere to how we were brought up by our parents, grandparents or guardians that is if we were taught how to respect one another and not to think too highly of ourselves. If we want to be treated with respect then respect others if we want to be acknowledged with grace because of our senior years than be graceful while we are young and respect your elders. The list can go on and on, however, I believe you get the point.

JESUS is a healthy and lustrous vine and those that follow HIS Word are the branches. It is vital that we stick to HIS vine so that we can produce lush and ripe fruit in HIM. But when we fall off the vine and begin to do our own thing we begin to rot. Now the grace of GOD, if we are HIS children does not see the sin that we commit by accident or when we do not realize that we are actively in sin because all HE see is HIS blood flowing within us. However, it is when we remain consistently away from HIM that we are cut off from the vital union we must be in HIM. Though we can still be doing something it will be impossible to do what JESUS said we are capable to do in HIM.

Unfortunately because of Adams sin which caused all mankind to be born in sin. Though we are born-again in CHRIST JESUS and HE has washed us completely clean from sin and we are now righteous in HIM. We are in a fight between the knowledge of good and evil until we either go to sleep in CHRIST or when HE returns to gather HIS own. The battle is in our flesh which has desires and our spirit the real us that also has desires. The flesh wants us to go here and our spirit wants us to go there. We all give into the flesh sometimes it’s the conflict we all have who are in the body of CHRIST JESUS. Allow me to give you hope, the disobedient thoughts and things that we have and do is not us but the disobedient things which we all should despise in maturity in CHRIST. We unfortunately still have a sin nature though we are the righteousness of CHRIST JESUS. If you don’t believe me listen to the thoughts that we have, are they still negative in any way at all? Do we still do things which are against GOD’s Word that JESUS gave to us? If we are honest the answer is yes, this why it is so important that we keep close to the vine of JESUS by speaking to HIM, reading HIS Word and if possible listen to sermons that are being taught and lastly do the Word by living the Word and speaking the Word.

We are no longer under the rituals of the law but under grace. Yet, there are still members of the body of CHRIST that are trying to live by the law as well as grace and it can’t be done. It’s like mixing oil and water together they don’t remain together but will separate themselves. There are some of GOD’s children saying that certain foods are not meant for us to eat or that it’s unclean. This is far from the truth, however, if you desire to abstain from certain foods that wonderful for you because it’s your choice. But we should never tell or teach others that certain foods GOD did not intend for us to eat or that certain foods are not digestible or unhealthy. Now if certain foods are causing your health some problems than I do agree that you either need to abstain or cut back. When we go out to dine we should never question what is being served unless our flesh, unfortunately, has certain allergies and by looking at something we may not be able to see that the thing which causes us major health problems has been used to garnish or season a dish. We should always pray to the FATHER before we partake of any food and adapt to what is being served if it is possible. But never share your views on what is being served or your eating habits if we know or see others partaking of something we ourselves prefer not to indulge in. We don’t understand that we lose great opportunities to witness to others all because we want others to be partakers of our benefit rather than considering others. Every day we should be looking for an opportunity to share JESUS with others in what we do or say. No matter what it is that we say and or do we must do them to glorify JESUS because our dependence is in HIM. And always give thanks to our heavenly FATHER through JESUS.

And finally, realize that we can do all things that we have been called to do through CHRIST who provides us with the strength to do. We are to fulfill the purpose of JESUS. Also, understand that no one is self-sufficient but self-sufficient in CHRIST sufficiency only and with knowing this we are ready for anything that we need to do. JESUS infuses us with HIS strength and confident peace.

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