We all doubt something or someone, I like to think of it as a pause before making a serious decision. But when it comes to the truth of CHRIST JESUS having doubt of faith towards HIM is not a good thing. When we doubt this is the time to seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit asking Him to help us understand fully what we see and hear that will aid in our decision making. When we apply doubt to our walk with JESUS we actually have a belief that what HE said that is for us is not true. We don’t believe that HIS works can be done in our lives pertaining to those things that seem impossible. Our minds are like waves of the ocean or sea because of thoughts which continue to fluctuate our opinion which in and of itself cannot stand up against the truth. We are hesitant to move out on and in faith either because we don’t know the truth from the Word of GOD or we don’t trust the truth. There is just too much uncertainty in the lives of Christians. Doubt causes us to fear and be apprehensive we are always suspecting the worse believing that if we ask something of the FATHER or do something and we don’t see what we expect to see that either GOD did not hear us or does not want the best for HIS children. This is far from the truth, GOD loves us and HE hears every single word that comes from our heart, mind, and mouth. Not getting the results that we expected in the time frame that we believe we should have received causes us to question, distrust and withhold the confidence that we must have in GOD’s Word. This is proof that there is a defect in the knowledge that we have in CHRIST JESUS all because we don’t see the evidence that we want, and this keeps our thoughts in uncertainty to all the wonders that we have been promised. Being a Christian and going against GOD’s Word is dangerous because we live in the world and the world is filled with dread and horror. For instance, knowing that a loved one is in critical condition or is sick. Instead of speaking life, we join in with a negative conversation such as certain ailments run in the family, knowing someone who succumbed to what your loved one has been attacked with and so on. We must speak the Word and live the Word in faith never doubting. Horror is not within us any longer because we walk by faith and not by sight.

Continue to test your faith, every day when we study the Word we are to apply the Word to our life. Regardless of our full understanding because JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever and HIS Word is true. Ask for godly wisdom in faith without doubting knowing in your heart that GOD is willing to help us. The moment we allow doubt to enter our thoughts we are like dust, leaves, and trash that are easily blown by the wind. Trust don’t doubt. Have faith and do not doubt things that are a burden to us because they are only unfruitful trees that should be bearing eatable food or mountains that by our personal confidence, faith and trust in JESUS will be moved and tossed into the sea far removed from us. Why is it that we are so afraid to keep asking, looking for and knocking on heaven’s door until we get what we desire? By doing so we are not in a rebellion of believing by faith. Don’t we get on people’s nerves by continually asking for something that we want until we get it? When we go to visit someone and they don’t answer our knock or the ringing of the bell, don’t we keep knocking louder, begin calling their names, toss pebbles at the window and call them from our cell phones? Also, when we are expecting something or someone, what is it that we keep doing? We continually look. We need to apply this to JESUS as well, it’s not that HE does not hear us or is refusing us. We may be in a test to see how much we desire to receive from HIM. We have to believe and not doubt that GOD will open up whatever door we have need of HIM for. So, how much faith must we operate in? The Word of GOD informs us that all we need is as much as the size of a mustard seed. And we all have that regardless if we know JESUS or not. However, if you took the time to study the mustard seed we will learn that from that itty-bitty seed comes a huge tree which is what will happen to our faith. We begin small but as we see the FATHER loving and providing for us our faith begins to grow. And we begin to trust HIM for something else on a larger scale. But not trusting and doubting which is brought on by unbelief reveals that we are operating in the lack of confidence, power, and trust in GOD. And shows that we self- trust our own ability and not the ability of JESUS to do the impossible. So dear ones trust in this, GOD has unlimited power. Understand that if we believe in what we say regardless if it’s a lie from satan or the truth from GOD we will get them. There is life and there is death in our spoken words. From this day forward be careful of the words that we speak because the promise is that we will receive them. And once we have them we will learn who gave them to us either JESUS who we need to receive everything from or from the devil who we need to reject everything from.

James 1:6, Mt. 21:21, 7:7, 17:20, Mrk. 11:23-24


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