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Colossians 2

In a previous blog; I wrote how the LORD GOD is not as mysterious as many will have us to believe. If we want to know who the LORD GOD is we must know HIM in spirit and not according to our flesh. The LORD GOD is a spirit and HE clothed HIMSELF in flesh that we may see HIM. Our DADDY’s desire as well as mine is that all my siblings as well as myself; come together and be joined in pure, unadulterated love for one another. We must remind ourselves about the vast love that CHRIST JESUS has for us and how deep and effective our forgiveness is. Once we realize just how much JESUS loves us we will understand that though we know that HE loves us and has forgiven us; it’s far more than we can understand. Then we will be able to love and forgive ourselves and others. Then we will be able to see who we are in CHRIST JESUS; we will no longer see ourselves as failures; dumb; stupid; poor or anything else negative. We will begin to understand why we will be able to do all things through CHRIST JESUS who gives us power to do. How can we any longer call ourselves poor when we are rich with an understanding assurance of the knowledge of what is considered a mystery of the LORD GOD who is our FATER and of CHRIST. When King Solomon asked for something from GOD; he did not ask for wealth or anything that is temporary; he asked for wisdom. If we want to be wise daily in our lives; we must ask for wisdom which belongs to the LORD GOD and HE will give us a daily supply to operate in knowledge for things that we have not experienced or studied. But we must ask for HIS wisdom daily. CHRIST JESUS is no longer here on the earth in the flesh but HE has given to us HIS Holy Spirit. We must ask for HIS Holy Spirit and continue to ask until He comes and begins to live inside of us. I have always looked at salvation in these terms. I think of salvation as life insurance; we can get a full coverage policy or we can settle for a partial policy (term life). Salvation has definitely saved us from destruction and fire and the payout is eternal life but that’s it (term life or rental life insurance). Full coverage saves us from destruction and fire; we have eternal life; the Holy Spirit gives us power to overcome the temptations of this worldly life and as an overcomer we will receive a crown for our endurance to the end. I don’t know of an easier way to explain this. Call an insurance agent to find out the difference between term life and full coverage then study the Word of GOD. Now I wrote all that to get us to see that when we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us we are able to sincerely rejoice because of the tunnel vision of our faith in CHRIST. We received CHRIST JESUS the LORD and we are to walk boldly in HIM. We have not been given a spirit of cowardliness or fear. We must become rooted and grounded in JESUS and established in the faith of JESUS; living in HIM with thanksgiving. These bullet points that you will read below are very important; please don’t take them lightly. It is for some of these reasons that the faith of my brothers and sisters are anemic and weak.

1. Beware, don’t allow people to cheat you with their philosophy and empty deceit; according to tradition of people and of the world that are not according to CHRIST JESUS.

2. Know that in JESUS lives all the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form.

3. You are Complete in JESUS; JESUS is the head of All principality and power.

4. In JESUS your heart has been circumcised with a circumcision not made with hands. We put off the body; the sins of the flesh because of the circumcision of CHRIST. We have been buried with JESUS in baptism and raised with JESUS through faith in the working of the LORD GOD who raised JESUS from the dead.

5. We Are dead to sin and the un-circumcision of our flesh. JESUS has made us alive together with HIM; having forgiven us for All sin. JESUS wiped away the handwritten requirements (the law); that was against us. That’s why it’s difficult to remember them or we don’t remember them. JESUS has taken the law out of our way; JESUS nailed the Ten Commandments to the cross. (I’ve made some of you angry and I’ve lost some of you with that bold statement.)

6. JESUS disarmed the rulers and powers; JESUS made a public spectacle of them; JESUS is triumphant over them.

7. Let know one judge you in what you eat or drink. Let know one judge you about keeping festivals; observing moons or which day is actually the Sabbath / seventh day for rest.

8. Let know one cheat you of your reward. Remember, false humility and the worship of angels is of a carnal mind. This is not an example of us holding fast to the Head to be nourished and joined together by joints and ligaments which grows increasingly from our LORD GOD.

9. Know that if you truly died with CHRIST JESUS from the basic principles of the world; why, do you subject yourself to regulations? Do not; do not and do not. These things do have the appearance of wisdom in self-imposed religion; false humility, neglect of the body or severe treatment of the body. However, they have no value against the indulgence of the flesh.

Get into GOD’s holy Word; study to show yourself approved. Write down your questions and research the Word of GOD for answers; speak to JESUS; HE will answer you. Encourage yourself first in the Word then lean down and encourage another in the Word. Learn to help in love our brothers and sisters to grow in GOD’s Word. http://amfbministry@about.me

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