If they can do it so can you


I am not one who is a huge fan of self-help books but I will not totally discount them either. My most treasured self-help book is the Bible. We all are gifted at something and most often we may not find out what our true talents are until we are introduced to a project and find out just how easy it comes to us. Or, find the challenge invigorating although we may experience frustration along the way. Do you know Nehemiah? Well if you do not allow me to introduce him to you.

Nehemiah was a Jew and his occupation was that of cupbearer. A cupbearer is one who is the attendant of a king or prince. who carries wine or other liquors to the guests at a feast; he is an officer of the kings household. Nehemiah had a tender heart for GOD and HIS laws. You may further read about Nehemiah in the book named after him in the Old Testament. But for now I just want to encourage those who find it difficult to continue or for that matter to, begin with a task.

All projects that we will like to begin or continue with are not easy just because some are. But that does not mean that we cannot accomplish our dreams, our goals, and our visions. Sometimes we experience difficulties or setbacks because we have grown too comfortable and no longer think that we still need to rely on GOD. Becoming discouraged or frustrated does not always mean that what we desire to do is wrong for us.

Take a wee look at the challenges and difficulties Nehemiah faced.

Nehemiah 4:1, 2:10, 19 Nehemiah faced anger, fury, and ridicule.

There are people who will purposefully prohibit us with delays because they do not want change especially if that change is positive and will help to bring about prosperity for those who lack that which the wealthy have. They will question that which we are setting out to accomplish with sarcasm openly to make us look foolish and to bring about doubt within ourselves.

Do not allow others to push you off course and if you have been pushed off then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin again. Get focused on what GOD desires for you specifically to accomplish. If you were meant to be a head-chef then you must not allow your employers to keep you down if you are employed in a restaurant, hospital, hotel or any other place where cooking food is done. People by nature have the actions of crabs, ever noticed how when crabs are in a barrel, box or pot how they pull others down trying to get ahead themselves? We have to stay focused, we must speak to GOD asking for help from the Holy Spirit and listen to do just what we have been instructed to do. And, we must learn to network with those who are where we are trying to go.






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