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social-media-1405601_1280-790x628.pngGossip, be it verbal communication or the use of social media which is being used to express idle conversations is wrong. Social media was not intended to be used to express one’s negative gossip and immorality. Gossip and the social media can be used for good, such as sharing with others what the FATHER has done for us through HIS SON JESUS or to remind others of what JESUS has done or is doing in our lives. Gossip should also be used to share great news about what is happening with ourselves or with other family members or about someone we know. With that being shared let me continue to share with you what we should not be using social media for.

Social media should not be used to share:

  • Gossip, one who runs telling news about others that are meant to be kept between you and the one that spoke with you, one who runs telling negative idle news about someone.
  • Immoral conversations, pictures, or videos.

What we should continue to share on social media:

  • Encouragement for others
  • Information that can be helpful and useful in the lives of others
  • Inspire others through positivity
  • Clips from programs which are wholesome and hysterical
  • Ministries which share the Word of GOD truthfully
  • Connection with friends or family members that we lost touch with

In the Word of GOD, we are instructed how to properly deal with anyone who wrongs us, but we do everything but what I will be sharing with you. These instructions are for brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS; however, I see this being useful for anyone. Now, for the believer in CHRIST JESUS we should never harbor hatred in our heart for one another when someone in the family has done something or said something that is hurtful or irritates us, we are to speak to the one that caused that within us. Not, gossip verbally with others or write about it on social media. If our brother or sister in CHRIST JESUS hears {have the capacity to receive sound} and listens {pay attention, consider, give attention} to us about how he or she has made us feel and ask to be forgiven, then we will have won our family member back to us. However, understand that some people can be a bit thick in the head and may cause us to be hurt or irritated again possibly up to seventy times in one day and each time if he or she asks to be forgiven we must do so. Believers and non-believers alike should air out their disputes in private, none other should be involved in your mess. Speak privately to the one who has caused the harm, and if he or she hears and listens to us that will be great but if he or she does not hear and listen to us, walk away, and leave it alone. Do not blow up and pull others into that mess. Notice, how when people post their mess on social media how those that follow them have negative input about the situation which actually is fuel being poured onto an already blazing fire.

Cease airing your dirty laundry publicly, be an adult about this situation. Instead of being reactive [occurs when our emotions have been upset, shortsighted, half-baked] be proactive [foreseeing, visionary] about things that are hurtful and irritating to us. As our wonderful First-Lady, Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high.” Cease doing the opposite which is going low or lower as the offender has done. Most often, when we privately speak with our offender, we will find out that it was just a misunderstanding. I understand that in every case this may not be so. But, be the better person and take the high road, do not jump into the pit of mud along with the offender. Do not make yourself to look ignorant just because the offender has no problem being ignorant. If your offender does not hear or listen to you, then that is their problem, they are the ones who will lose out on continuing to have a relationship with you. We do not have to remain in a negative space with anyone, I do not care who it is. We must see ourselves as valuable people rather than invaluable.

If we must write something on social media about anyone who is mean spirited towards us, write something positive and tag that person in it. This will show that we have decided to be the better person rather than being pushed into the muck and mire along with them. And, if necessary, block the person from future communication with you on social media and anyone else involved in what should have been a private matter between you and the assailant.

Matthew 18:15; Lev. 19:17; Mt. 18:22


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