Endurance in forgiveness

Hebrews 12-part 2 of 2

What if the Most High GOD held our past against us or for that matter laid our ancestors sins on us. After JESUS went to the cross and after you heard, believed and accepted HIS precious SON. Do you think that CHRISTianity is worth it if there is no forgiveness? This is what most born-again CHRISTians are doing be it consciously or unconsciously. We serve the same adorable Highest GOD and are saved by the same precious JESUS; yet, we are divided by race, creed or color. Why? Some of us are still holding European descendants responsible for slavery of African ancestors and the stealing of the American land from the Native Americans. We are still holding them accountable for the racism that was so brutal and up in the face of those who are now dead. And those who are still alive have not let go of that pain which was placed on them. However, JESUS went through far worse and yet HE forgives; why not us? In verse 14 we are informed to pursue peace with all people; I did not see anything in there about picking and choosing. We are to be replica’s of JESUS we are to pursue peace and holiness if we want to see the LORD. We should always examine ourselves; which is a lifelong project. When we look at one another we should only see the JESUS within and not the faults of another. I call those who can always see the faults of others but will never focus on themselves; the fault finding police. Beware of them; they will charge you. None of us want to fall short of GOD’s grace because we are harboring bitterness in our hearts. Yet, when we hold offenses against others there is a root of bitterness dwelling on the inside of us. The witness to that bitterness will always be found out just in our conversation. The slurs we say when we are in certain company and this is for everyone; there is no singling out here. JESUS desires that we give our bitterness to HIM so that we will no longer be defiled by anything. Too many of the Most High GOD’s children are still living at Mt. Sinai were the law is; were tradition is; were religion is; where an obsolete covenant is and were bondage is. We need to pack our things and move to Mt. Zion where the city of the living GOD is. Were the heavenly Jerusalem and the innumerable company of angels are located. We all should be in one place gathering where JESUS is because those who are registered in heaven belong to GOD our righteous JUDGE. Our spirits are just and perfect; JESUS is our Advocate our Mediator because HE has enforced the new covenant which supersedes the old covenant. Don’t ignore the Holy Spirit when He convicts you of anything you say or do. He is speaking from heaven; He is not a witness of Himself but of JESUS. Remember, GOD’s grace is on our life; it is our responsibility to also show grace to all others be they lost in sin or saved by grace. In this we show our respect towards our DADDY because HE is a consuming fire. http://about.me/amfbministry


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