We all know that a cymbal is a brass instrument that when played properly does not overtake the accompanying instruments used to perform beautiful music. However, cymbals or tambourines in the use of one that is not trained to play the instrument in the form of hearing only pleasure can pierce one’s hearing and or only bring about displeasure because what we hear is only noise. Much like when a gong is hit, a gong is used merely to begin or end a song with no melodious tone to it. A gong more frequently is used to gain the attention of people that something is about to take place and our attention is required. However, when people speak without being led in love, we too come off as what is known as white noise, loud cymbals or tambourine out of rhythm to the music or a gong being hit continuously bringing our attention to nothing useful.

Every human is guilty of being a cymbal, gong or tambourine being used improperly. The words which come out of our mouths when spoken without the spirit of love is noise. Even the true believer in CHRIST JESUS will have a tendency from time to time to say words which are not filled in love. Words have power and when we aim our words in the direction of others or ourselves as well. We abort the spirit of the ones who are being assaulted. One of the lies that we all have learned is this, “sticks and stones may break my bones but name calling or what you say to me will not hurt me”. This is a lie because many of us who have been assaulted verbally in childhood can still recall what was said to us as young, middle-aged or senior adults. Words affect us emotionally and mentally. Words spoken out of love for us leave wounds that continue to bleed and the only healing we can obtain will come from CHRIST JESUS. Many may remember what was said to us after CHRIST has healed us but many of us will not remember the sting or infected wound that we suffered for years. Nothing can conquer hate except love. It is said that we all must “think before we speak.” This is a notable lesson because if we actually listened to the words that are floating around in our mind before actually bringing them forward to injure ourselves or others knowing the motive as to why we have those thoughts and knowing the motive as to why we are willing to say words empty of love. There is a great chance that we will not speak in an unloving manner. So how do we speak unlovingly to ourselves? Here are just a few examples.

  1. Calling ourselves anything other than what GOD made us to be
  2. I be damned
  3. I’m broke
  4. I can’t
  5. I’m sick

I recall an exercise that I found impossible to do when I heard the voice of GOD tell me who I am to HIM and how HE feels about me. I went into the powder room, closed the door behind me and looked into the mirror to tell myself that “I love me,” “GOD loves me” and who I am in CHRIST JESUS and how HE will use me for HIS glory. I broke out in uncontrollable tears. I believe this is the first time I faced all those unloving, unkind, evil words that had been hurled at me beginning in my early childhood. These words always haunted me emotionally and mentally but I never had to face them head-on by speaking love to myself. Each day I would tell myself what I heard GOD say to me and each day I grew stronger emotionally and mentally. Although I can recall every emotional and mental assault that had come at me, I am no longer affected by those words because I know who I am in GOD through CHRIST JESUS and I know that I am loved greatly in HIM. Today, if someone chooses to aim and assault me by their words I counter-attack by reminding myself who I am in GOD through CHRIST JESUS. And though I am guilty on very rare occasions I do speak as a cymbal, tambourine or gong which are not being played in a manner which brings about pleasure. I’m still believing that all traces of my saying things that cause harm to others will be removed from me. This is because of all the evil words that were spoken to JESUS, HE never once said a word that was unloving or unkind. And knowing that I am the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS and that I can do all things through CHRIST JESUS. This noise that I have a rare tendency to make will stop. And every word I choose to speak will be that of beautiful music which gives pleasure to the soul. Those of us who know the love of GOD in CHRIST JESUS understand that we too are filled with that reasoning, intentional, spiritual devotion such as is inspired by GOD’s love for and in us and this is what makes it possible for us to be as GOD is toward us, we should be toward others.

1 Corinthians 13:1


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