I have great news for all who are adopted. It’s not a dirty word and it’s a great privilege to be adopted. So, cease from being angry, depressed, feeling unloved and whatever other negative emotions that I have witnessed those who know that they are adopted go through. Much like we all are or once were we are or were strangers to the FATHER GOD because CHRIST JESUS was not living within us or not presently living in us and we were not living within HIM. But once we heard the voice of the Holy Spirit calling out to us and we believed in CHRIST JESUS from the heart we became new in HIM because what we once were, was natural, earthly, and worldly led by the lust of our emotions and flesh. But in CHRIST JESUS we become supernatural. FATHER GOD took us from being children of sin and placed HIS favor and protection in and on us. And just as GOD gives to HIS children the exact same inheritance that HIS begotten and beloved SON JESUS has, natural parents also leave an inheritance to the child or children that they have adopted because they are not to be seen any differently from a child or children who came from the bodies of their parents.

I will be bragging more on what CHRIST JESUS has done for me rather than write in the way most of you have grown accustomed. Hopefully in my bragging of who I am in CHRIST JESUS those of you who know that you don’t live in JESUS and JESUS does not live in you will come to HIM today rather than later.

I am so thankful to be adopted and that I am like CHRIST JESUS in every way. Though there are some things that I have not seen manifested in my life yet, does not mean that I can’t do them. I am victorious in every area of my life because I’m adopted of my FATHER GOD. I know that I am a child of the Living GOD who is my FATHER because I have HIS Spirit and I can without reservation call HIM my DADDY, HE’s not just my FATHER but my DADDY. It was easy for me to relate to GOD being my DADDY because males can be father’s by impregnating a female, but it takes a real and nobleman to be a daddy. Daddy’s are providers, protectors, teachers, gainfully employed and all things positive towards and for their children. This is what I saw in my biological father and daddy. FATHER GOD is my provider, protector, teacher and everything I need HIM to be for me. HE has no need to work because HE is the Creator of everything and HE owns them all. I am in the house of my FATHER GOD this house is my home; I have been given a name that carries no shame and it is everlasting. I can and will never be cut off from HIM because I am HIS daughter.

I have been redeemed by my Big Brother CHRIST JESUS from the curse of the law; paid for in full; I can’t be exchanged for something better, and I can’t be returned because the sale was final. The Laws of Moses are actually inscribed on our heart this is why we know right from wrong and why we know maybe not in accurate order but we know the Ten Commandments because we are lawless without CHRIST JESUS and because we are not in HIM, HE is not in us and without JESUS living in us and we live in JESUS, FATHER GOD is not our FATHER or DADDY. Our father is satan and we faithfully obey his commands. But once we are adopted by willingly believing and accepting the gift of salvation offered to us by CHRIST JESUS all parental rights that satan once had on us is stripped from him and there is nothing that he can do about it. Ha-ha, I love it. And because I believed in CHRIST JESUS with many others before and after me; we have been given the authority to become the children of FATHER GOD, heirs with CHRIST JESUS all because we believe in the name of CHRIST JESUS. Ha, glory to the Almighty GOD for HE is worthy to be praised! Thank YOU, JESUS, for buying me back from that serpent of old. I’m joyfully adopted!

Romans 8:15; Is.56:5; Galatians 4:5; Jn. 1:12


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