The Only Good News: Grace who is JESUS CHRIST


Galatians 1:6,15; 2:21; 5:4; 6:18


Much like the astonishment received by the Apostle when writing to the Galatians, I too am often astonished by what those who have been called by the grace of the FATHER through JESUS who is Grace are willing to believe things that are not true. Here are some examples; now that you are a Born-Again CHRISTian (Saved by Grace) you still believe and see yourselves as sinners rather than seeing yourselves as the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS (light and darkness cannot be in control at the same time). “I cannot” when the Word of GOD tells us that we can do all things through CHRIST JESUS who gives to us HIS strength. President Barrack Obama was not the originator of “Yes we can” it was GOD. However, I believe that President Obama adopted this from GOD’s Word, and for a brief moment in time some held on to “Yes we can” and some of us forget it once he left the White House. Lastly, another example I would like to offer up is that we all experience some form of setback regarding our health. However, some of us are willing to take the diagnosis as being the final word spoken over our lives rather than the healing words of CHRIST JESUS. We need physicians, GOD bless them, however, when they provide us with scientific facts of a diagnosis this is the time that we hear what is spoken but refuse to take the diagnosis as our object to own. Healing belongs to the children of GOD. The Apostle Paul got sick in his flesh just as we do but unlike him, we have given in to the sickness rather than giving in to the WORD of GOD. JESUS bore all of our sicknesses and diseases. I was taught that all means all, everyone, entirety, everything, and whole. With these definitions, I do not recognize the omission of anything. Our greatest problem when it comes to our senses is that we focus too much on the wrong thing. We focus on the lies rather than the truth. Are you aware that when we turn our backs on the truth that we are not only calling JESUS a liar but we are returning to our former rebellious state? We are labeled as a renegade, an apostate from the faith, a deserter, and a vagabond. This places those who believe in and speak in ignorance the lies that they should have learned the opposite of by being in close communion with the FATHER through reading and studying the Word of GOD in worship, group, and private time settings. This places those who believe in and speak in ignorance the lies that they should have learned the opposite by being in communication/prayer with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS and being led by the Holy Spirit. It is easy to understand why the Word of GOD teaches us that all who says to ME, LORD, Lord will not enter the kingdom of heaven, Mt. 7:21.

GOD handpicked us out before we were ever born/delivered from our mother’s womb and called us by HIS grace because HE chose us for HIS purpose. We are set apart for HIS work. HE has special plans for our lives in HIM.

The children of the Living GOD must get on one accord and not reject GOD’s gracious gift of Grace. HIS Grace is not of minor importance to us nor can HIS Grace ever be set aside to be nullified. If you did not know that Grace and JESUS are the same now you do. And, just as you believed in your heart and confessed out of your mouth regarding JESUS, we are to learn that Grace and JESUS are One.

Do not leave JESUS for the law of Moses which is all about performance and do not leave JESUS for the Ten Commandments which are based on morality. We cannot be moral based on the performance we can only be moral based on Grace. When we rely on GOD’s grace, we can obey the Ten Commandments without trying to memorize them. So, just how do we accomplish this? JESUS left one new commandment for us to obey which will take care of the ten and that is to simply Love. JESUS is Grace and JESUS is LOVE. Do not allow yourselves to be cut off from GOD’s precious gift. Before we answered the call, we tried to be right with GOD and failed miserably. We were alienated, separated, severed away from the FATHER because we did not believe in, rely on, and trust in JESUS.

Siblings in CHRIST JESUS, pray for one another that we will remain attached to the Vine who also is JESUS, and encourage one another so that our spirit will continue to be strengthened in Grace who is JESUS.



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