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When we hear or think of face we imagine what a person looks like or think of the person that someone is speaking of. Face for us is all about the sight of an individual and without thinking of it without a face we never consider a person to be a person. For us, the face is a person. Ever go window shopping and take a look at the mannequins and notice not only the garments that are being advertised but we take notice of the face as well. We pay less attention to the mannequins without the face than we do with those that have one. The more relatable the face the longer we tend to look at them.

As GOD’s children, we want nothing less than to have our FATHER’s face pointing towards us. We have a very strong desire which grows as our relationship grows upward for HIM to see HIS countenance, we long to be in HIS presence. The good news is that we are in HIS presence and that HIS countenance is with us because HIS favor is on us all of which means that HIS face is ever looking directly at us. When we pray we have the assurance that HE hears our prayers. Our sanctuary which is our human vessel, that place where we have invited the High Priest who is CHRIST JESUS to enter into. Is not an empty and dry place.

As children of the FATHER, we do not have to beg in prayer only come and ask what it is we will like to have or just make known to HIM in plain ordinary language. If our sanctuary is empty and dry it’s because we have no relationship with the FATHER and the HIGH PRIEST who is CHRIST JESUS does not reside there. Also, it’s a great indication that the face of the FATHER is not pointed in our direction.  

Numbers 6:25, Dan. 9:17


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