We are the beloved by the FATHER called by Grace


Part II

Romans 6:1, 14, 11:5-6, 22, 29, 12:3, 6, 15:15, 16:20, 24


All believers in the body of CHRIST are in union with JESUS which means that we are no longer in union with sin nor the father of sin. This is because we are no longer dead in sin but we are made Alive in CHRIST JESUS. In the previous blog (part I of the above title), I wrote that the law increases the sin which is already within us all and that Grace abounds/increases all the greater. However, knowing this does not give us a license to continue sinning. It is our choice whether or not we are going to allow sin to continue to master us, that is to exercise its dominion/power over us. And we do this by knowing the truth and yet continue to allow our flesh to rule us rather than allowing our spirit which is hopefully being fed by the reading, the studying, and the application of GOD’s Word to have total control over our fleshly desires and mindset.

Now, this is mind-blowing, just as it was in the Old Testament the law dispensation it is now in the New Testament Grace dispensation. GOD has chosen only a few people to experience HIS Grace. Those that HE has called/chosen by HIS Grace. It is not by anything that we the chosen have done to be given HIS precious grace but rather it is by our faith. If our works, (our bargaining, our begging, our conditions to do something to get something out of HIM) were worth anything, almost all of us would be inside of HIS Grace. And the gift of Grace would by no means be a gift but rather what is expected out of a privileged mentality. Here is another sobering fact; those who profess/acknowledge/making an open declaration regarding the grace of GOD must continue to fix the eyes on HIS grace. Understand that though GOD is a LOVING and Tender GOD, HE is that way with those whom HE has chosen to lavish HIS grace onto and within. But to those who profess and walk away, it is done so because they did not possess/they had no legal right of ownership which made the FATHER GOD not your legal owner so it was impossible for them to hold onto the Word of Promise and HIS Grace, they could not remain occupied in HIS presence much like Judas Iscariot/they relinquished their position. And it is because of this that they have been cut away from the Tree of Life. It is their unbelief that has caused them to turn their back on the Truth. So, because of their heart and because their heart has led them to this, GOD will deal with them severely. We can fool others and we can fool ourselves but we will never fool GOD, GOD knows who belongs to HIM and who does not. GOD will never change HIS mind about those people HE has called to HIMself. Also, GOD will never give HIS children a gift and then take the gifts back because we have side-stepped away from HIS perfect will for our lives.

Have you ever heard this statement? If you will concentrate/take care of your own home (apartment-condo-house-trailer aka flesh) then you would not have the time to be concerned with the business of others? Were you aware that minding your own affairs/business is a full-time job? None of us are perfect in our flesh, our thinking, in what we say nor in what we do. We need to admit that we make mistakes and sometimes we jump into the polluted water and get completely dirty outwardly because we simply wanted to. So, stop thinking of self to be better than most, instead have a forgiving, loving, and merciful spirit about those who are making either the same mistakes we once did, or in the need for their eyes to be opened and to have a teachable spirit so that they too may mature in the body of CHRIST as some of us are. Just as we grow and mature at various levels in the natural it is so in the spiritual. Also, whatever our gifts, talents, and leadership positions may be in the body do not command respect because of them. Everyone must respect the other not only because of the ability and or calling that GOD has placed on one’s life but for the mere fact that they are humans and have been called into the faith of JESUS just as we have. Regardless, of some of our positions be they seen or not, be they heard or not we all are to work together with one common goal and that is to share our testimony about CHRIST JESUS to everyone by our living and by what we speak. We are to encourage those who are in the body of CHRIST because we do need one another, out here we are not Lone Rangers. Whatever we have been gifted or talented with using them for GOD’s glory not our own.

I write only to inform, inspire, and encourage my readers which GOD has led to me. I am never here to break or discourage you. I try to be a reminder to you of who you are or who you can be. Who JESUS is and that HE is the same yesterday (eon’s ago/history), today (present), and forever (every future tomorrow). HE is a never-changing GOD. HE has no intention of capturing us and then tossing us back because we in the world or the eyes of others or ourselves are not measuring up. Stop being so hard on yourself and just go with the flow that is CHRIST JESUS.

GOD is our source of peace, HIS peace once given will never be removed. GOD will crush satan beneath our feet but do not dwell on this happening in the future, believe and know that it has already happened. We are overcomers, victorious, winners and there is nothing that thing can do about it. We are to see ourselves walking on his head and smelting his head like we do when we step on burning cigarettes or stomping on a tin can, or pushing trash down with our feet. Know that we have power over him, not the other way round. For the grace of our, LORD CHRIST JESUS is with us.





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