Faith without works is dead

James 2

Born again CHRISTians are supposed to be living in the grace dispensation of GOD’s will. Yet, there are far too many Christians who are living according to the law. JESUS can be found in the Old Testament if we diligently seek for HIM. However, HE is nowhere to be found in the law. Moses was given the law by GOD to show mankind that we are lost without HIM. We are not equipped to live in this world without HIS guidance. The moment the Israelites said that they were able to perform on their own by the guidelines of the law; that is the moment GOD stepped back; away from them and only Moses was able to approach. I have written before the example of laws that we are to obey here on earth and how difficult it is for us to comply. For example; the speed limit is 25 mph where posted; yet, we find ourselves driving 30+mph. Now that there are speed cameras; drivers are more apt to slow down to the designated speed; however, will speed back up once they have cleared the cameras. Mankind, do not have the propensity to do what is right; away from JESUS. We are hardwired to do wrong and must be trained by the Holy Spirit to live according to the will of GOD because of our love for HIM. And for all that JESUS has done for us. Non-born again Christians are under the law; however, born-again CHRISTians are no longer under the law and must be taught that they can now live under the law of liberty. Those who desire to live by the law will die by the law. We must understand that it is impossible to only break one law and not break all that is associated with the law. GOD wrote the Ten Commandments which were the beginning of the laws and there were ceremonial laws that were also appended that must be kept. No one ever thinks about the ceremonial laws; yet, most people try to keep in mind the Ten Commandments. GOD wrote that mankind was not to have any other god before HIM; however, we worship ourselves; our possessions; nature; mankind; money and so forth. Mankind has broken that law which means that mankind is guilty of breaking the other nine. JESUS died to free mankind from death, sin and the law. Now if we were to study just what death, sin and the law entailed we would find a never ending array of problems that JESUS redeemed us from. Grace and Mercy will triumph over judgment any day. Yet, mankind would rather live under the judgment of GOD rather than HIS Grace and HIS Mercy. An example of grace and mercy would be when mankind sees a brother or sister who is hungry; what would benefit that hungry person to be blessed with prayer or food? Why food of course. More times than not an immature Christian would see a hungry person and say GOD bless you rather than purchase that person a meal. The person who could purchase the meal is not showing faith because the works are dead. When a person is in need of clothes; what is more beneficial; saying GOD bless you or getting the person some clothes? Clothes of course; leaving the person in need when you see the need and do nothing about it is a show of dead faith. We are not to work for our faith; yet, we are to work at showing our faith. For example; Abraham took his son up the mountain to slay him. Yet, he told those who accompanied him to remain at the foot of the mountain until he and his son returned. Abraham placed is son on the alter to slay him; JESUS stepped in and provided an offering because Abraham demonstrated his faith and believed that some way, somehow JESUS would do what HE promised regarding his and Sarah son. Rahab also demonstrated her faith by hiding the Israelites and sending them out by another exit so that they would not be captured. She believed in the GOD that the Israelis served and because of her act of faith; she too has been added to the great wall of faith. Peter and John are examples also; they remembered what JESUS did when it came to the healing of others and they complied. They did not believe that healing was found in themselves. They did however believe that JESUS is the healer and those they prayed for were healed. So it’s not enough that we say that we have faith; we must exercise our faith. In exercising our faith we not only gain strength; we show none believers that GOD is a GOD of HIS Word. GOD will take care of HIS own. Saying that we believe in GOD is not a big deal because there are far too many gods but only one and true GOD; HIS name is JESUS. The devils believe in GOD; yet, they are not moved just by saying GOD; we must exercise our faith by proclaiming in the power of the name of JESUS. This is the name that causes mountains to be moved. This is the name that causes enemies to flee. This is the name that causes healing. There is no name greater than the name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth. Ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS and it will be done. Then do it.


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