To Be Fully Rested Is To Be Yoked

The correct purpose for a yoke

Matthew 11:28-30

Wow, I know that so many of you much like myself have often read the above verse of scripture and for the most part, skimmed over [never gave the word any thought] the word yoke. Those of us who are not involved with farm animals cannot relate to this word, so we do not have a complete understanding as to how a yoke will help us in resting in JESUS. Nor do we understand why JESUS would use this word to teach us to rest in HIM. I want us to understand just why and how yokes are to be applied to our lives by understanding just what a yoke is and that its use is not just for animal or human bondage.

  1. Understand that when JESUS used this word it was not used in the definition of our being in affliction to HIM.
  2. Understand that when JESUS used this word, it was to help us become servants to HIM and all people. Gal. 5:1

Yokes are used to break the will of animals and mankind. The improper use of yokes on humankind is for the use of slavery and to bring inmates/prisoners into subjection of the guidelines and rules of the modern-day plantation known as prison. 

Improper use of the yoke. Human bondage/slavery.

The best time to yoke humans [figuratively speaking] to live according to the guidelines, morals, principles, and rules of their parents/guardians is between the age of one and two. Any younger is pointless and any older we run into the dangers of dealing with a rebellious and strong-willed individual. When teaching young children, if possible, the toddler should have someone that they can relate with who they see as their equal, unthreatening such as an older child [sibling, between the ages of ten and twelve]. A child who is seen regularly will have the ability to demonstrate the desires of the parent/guardian, this child will be steady and reliable because they will not work against what the parent/guardian is teaching. If there is no older child available to help demonstrate and lead by example the teaching within your home, then you the parent/guardian will yoke your child with patience, reliability, and steadiness. When teaching our children it must be to demonstrate how to settle in and to live and execute our speaking and actions well.

Yokes apply pressure to the natural rebellious untaught and unlearned will. The proper use of a yoke is to pull the will of someone or something to that of another. This is what JESUS does when HE places a yoke on us and on to HIMself, HE is gently pulling us into HIS will by placing pressure on our rebellious, sinful, and untaught ways of the FATHER. Yokes are always properly form-fitted, but when the pressure is too much, they will form deep sores and require medical attention. Spiritual sores require spiritual medical attention from JESUS. So, why would we feel the pressure that yokes can cause? Because when we rebel meaning that we are either half in or half out instead of being all in, we begin to feel the pressure of doing that which is uncomfortable, to that which we either do not want to do or are not in the mood to do at that time.

When animals refused to be yoked into submission, that animal will be slaughtered. When a human has not been yoked, improperly yoked, or refuse to be yoked. Their future most likely is death and or prison. We have proven that we are living epistle of being no use to self and others when we are not properly joined to JESUS.

The untrained, untaught, rebellion of humans will cause them to be placed in shackles. A form of yoke in the modern-day plantation is commonly known as prison.

Being yoked to JESUS is not a partial lifestyle but a complete one. We are to be servants alongside HIM. Living in HIS will and not of our rebellious/sinful will. Outside of the will of JESUS we are disconnected, disjointed, disjoined, disunited, separate, uncoupled, unlinked, and unyoked.

Now, I will dissect the scripture so that we will learn how to rest in JESUS by allowing HIM to properly put the yoke upon us as HE too will wear alongside us.

Mt. 11:28 [Jn. 6:37] Everyone who the FATHER gives to JESUS will come. The FATHER will only give JESUS that which belongs to JESUS. JESUS will never turn anyone away who willfully comes to HIM. JESUS will accept us when we come to HIM with our hearts.

Mt. 11:29 [Jn. 13:15; Ep. 4:2; Phil. 2:5-6; 1 Pt. 2:21; 1 Jn. 2:6; Zech. 9:9; Zeph. 3:15; Jer. 23:6, 6:16; 1 Jn. 5:3; Jn. 14:15; 2 Jn. 2:6; Mic. 6:8] JESUS has given us an example by HIS demonstration, do what HE has demonstrated. This was the demonstration that we are to always live our lifestyle, in humility, gentleness, and patience, show love towards everyone especially our siblings in CHRIST by being tolerant. Never think that we are perfectly acceptable in the eyes of others, remember we too have faults that are still being removed from us as well. Make a daily choice to live with the attitude that JESUS had here on earth HE thought and put into action the nature of the FATHER. JESUS suffered and died for you and me and left us HIS example so that we will follow in HIS footsteps, to do as HE did, not the footsteps of satan, demons, and other sinful natured people. Those of us who possess JESUS and JESUS possesses us will live our lives as JESUS lived HIS earthly life. But those who profess JESUS know not JESUS. JESUS always does what is right and JESUS has and will always save those people who desire to be saved by HIM through believing in HIM from their heart not just their minds. To the believer in JESUS, our judgment has been taken away, the enemy has been thrown out from us, JESUS is now within us, and we will not see disaster again. Believers in JESUS are saved and live safely because the LORD is our Righteousness.  In our lives, we must make choices the outcome will inevitably be based on that choice we made. We are forever coming to and will have to stand at crossroads meaning we have to make decisions. When decisions are to be made it is best to ask the FATHER first which is the best way to go. Sometimes we may need to ask godly counsel to make sure that we have heard accurately. However, when we choose wisely the correct road on which we are to travel we will always find rest for ourselves. Here is a test that we all can give to ourselves that will prove whether we truly love the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. Obedience to the commands given to us by JESUS which are not hard at all if we truly are in HIM, and HE is in us. That commandment is to do what is right with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS, love mercy [love mercilessly], and be humble with GOD.

Keep this in mind, it will help us to gauge whether we are living right, being loving, and humble. This will shake some of you up, being legalistic, seeing things only in black and white, never being willing to move an inch, not willing to show how something is to be done correctly but always wanting to find fault so that you can judge. This is burdensome to your victim, what you are doing and what you are saying to a person or people is a burden. You want to lay a yoke on someone that is not meant to fit them [assigned] but you are not willing to live staunchly [constant, dedicated, devoted, faithful, loyal, and true] by those standards that are willing to place on others.

Whew, now that we have been given the proper use for how yokes have been placed on us and how we are to properly use yokes and willingly accept the yoke of JESUS. I am certain that we can better understand why JESUS used the word to help us come into HIS rest.


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