GOD has a wonderful nature-Part 31

Hebrew-Names13Dear children, this is the last of the series. I sincerely hope that you have come to be Encouraged, Informed and Inspired with an understanding of who exactly GOD is and to no longer find HIM to be difficult or that you do not measure up in HIM. GOD who is CHRIST JESUS loves you so very much and I do as well. So dive into the last section of finding out just how wonderful the nature of GOD is.

GOD is EL ELYON. EL means GOD and ELYON means Most High GOD. GOD is the supreme ruler over the entire universe. HIS holiness, knowledge, and power are greater than anyone, anything, and everything.

Psalms 7:17 The name of the LORD deserves to be praised because HE is the Most High GOD.

Psalms 113:4-5 The LORD rules over all nations; HIS glory is above the heavens. There is no one like the LORD our GOD.

Though the Most High GOD is above, HE also is closer than your very breath. HIS throne is in the heavens and in the believer’s heart where HE is seated, HIS throne is no longer vacant because HE has returned to HIS throne sitting on the right-hand side of HIS FATHER. The next time the heavenly throne of CHRIST JESUS becomes vacant will be when HE returns to collect each person who believes in HIM.

I sincerely hope that this 31 days/part series gave to you an understanding of the nature of GOD. That HE is not some old man sitting in heaven with a bat/club to clunk us on the head when we do wrong. I hope that you can see that HE is a loving GOD who desires to give to you no matter how old you are the gift of HIS deliverance and salvation.

GOD Bless each reader and feel free to print and share this series with others including adults.

Love you and if you became a born-again CHRISTian from this series, welcome to the family.


Elder Shawn Denise Briscoe/AMFBeM ™

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