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July 15, 2020


Ask for the Holy Spirit – Luke 11:13

This is a fact, so do not be in disagreement with me. If you have a problem with what you are about to read take your complaint to GOD. From the very first recorded birth in the Bible to the present and future birth that will take place we are all born in sin, Ps. 51:5, 58:3; Rom. 5:12. Yet, though we are bad, evil, sinful, and wicked we know how to give good presents to those we desire to give gifts to. So, what Luke wrote and desire that you the reader understand and share among others is that it is not enough to just be saved from sin/disbelief in JESUS and sins/the activity of being sinful, but to have the gift of the Holy Spirit as well who is our Advocate, Counselor, Power, Strength and any other attribute that we need as long as we have breath in our bodies to continue to live for HIM. Not everyone will live long enough to live and be the witness to others, for example, some of us will not come to JESUS until a few moments before we die. Let me ask this question, will you rather have the light that comes from having electricity or will you rather have the light that comes from a candle? Depending on your answer will cause you to understand why we should ask for the Holy Spirit.

When we come to CHRIST JESUS believing that HE is our very own personal Savior we will be born of the Spirit, Jhn. 3:6. But we will not be filled in the Spirit if we were there would be no need to ask for Him. In Acts 19:2, Paul asked this question, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed in JESUS the CHRIST? For some of you, the answer will be no and for others, the answer will be yes. But you need to be sure, it astounds even me to find out that many of my siblings in CHRIST JESUS believe that they are filled with the Holy Ghost yet, there is no evidential power in their lives. Being filled with the Holy Ghost does not leave us empty of His power and strength, we will not be void of having the ability to walk in the wisdom that we all need from day to day if we will only ask for the wisdom that is required to get us through our present-day and then tomorrow ask again. After asking for the Holy Spirit to give to us His wisdom for the day ask also that we receive understanding.

JESUS said that HE will pray to the FATHER to give to us a Helper who will live with us not visit us as He did before. The Helper/the Holy Spirit will only come in the name of JESUS from the FATHER and He will teach us all the things that we are to know from heaven. The Helper/Holy Ghost will also cause us to remember everything that He has taught us and what we heard Him say from CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit/Helper is the One who testifies to us about the FATHER and JESUS. Because JESUS promised the Holy Spirit/Helper why would we not want to have Him in our very own lives as we do JESUS?

Finally, we may have heard or. be aware that the LORD is our Helper but do we know that HE is our Helper from HIS SPIRIT, HIS Holy Spirit? If you are a believer in CHRIST JESUS and you have never asked for the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and life, ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS because the promise is that you will receive Him.




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