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Live long enough and I promise you that you will feel the heat of life experience. For some, it comes through survival, growing pains which is natural in all of us or the pressure we get when we have to deal with issues we don’t want to deal with.

Trials will occur in the lives of every single human they may be good or bad. We will never escape them. But what on earth is a fiery trial? And how do we know if we’ve ever experience or when we are experiencing a fiery trial?

Well, a fiery trial is an intense trial inflamed by heat. It often ignites our passion to become irritable and we become unrestrained. Not only this but for some depending on the hue of the skin-tone we may see the fiery appearance.

When this takes place most often than not we begin to suffer in our strength and our patience, we become afflicted and the temptation for sin is able to overtake us greatly more so than at any other time.

Being a born again CHRISTian does not make us exempt at all, so, if someone told you that we will be tipping through a garden of roses. They sold you a lie. Once we confessed JESUS as our Savior and as we grow to have HIM become our LORD the fight is on. That serpent satan has issued a contract out on us to get us back at every cost and nothing is off limits. Our parents, spouses, children whomever and whatever we hold near and dear will be used against us. This trying of our faith will be put to the test. We will feel the fiery trials of our faith and we will need to trust in JESUS and know the Word of GOD for ourselves as well as be filled with the Holy Ghost to have the power to exercise and prove the grace and virtue given to us by GOD through JESUS.

I dare not try to name what type of trial we all go through but this I can assure you no trial is unique. And we suffer because we don’t disclose to those we can trust what it is that we are going through, those who will hold us accountable, and those who will pray with us not prey on us, those who will encourage us and those who will fight with us. We must learn to shine the light on fiery trials but not just those but all things that try to raise itself up against the knowledge of GOD.

How do we quench a fiery trial? By dousing it out with an open light, smoldering the oxygen it requires to increase and of course the most important remedies for them all. Worshipping the FATHER and laughing at those fiery trials.

When we worship the FATHER through our fiery trials though we are wet with perspiration think of ourselves as the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace. If that was not a fiery trial I don’t know what is. They were in there worshipping and who showed up JESUS. And when they were released they did not have a hint of smoke coming from their garments. This can be us. Laugh at that fool the devil because nothing he does is brand new. Our GOD is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Never forget this.

So, the next time you feel the heat of a trial remember to at least laugh heartily and while you are laughing remember to worship the FATHER. HE is a deliverer.

1 Peter 4:12


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