In today’s blog, we are going to read how GOD the FATHER has given HIS only begotten and beloved SON to us graciously. How HIS love for us has been laid out in and through CHRIST JESUS. How we have been deposited in HIM for safe keeping. And how CHRIST JESUS has been imparted into the hearts, minds, and strength of those who believe and confess in HIM.

The love that GOD has for mankind is not capable of being exhausted, the source of supply that we have in HIS love is overwhelming. In the knowledge of this, we should continually praise HIM in the recognition of all that HE has done for us. Because of HIS mercy and constant love towards us we partake and possess HIS rich blessings.

Humans are flawed in many ways and one of the flaws that we have is that we look at the outward appearance of others and decide whether they are beautiful or ugly. True beauty does not reside outwardly but inwardly and that true beauty comes from the LORD HIMself. When CHRIST JESUS lives inwardly and the more we mature in the reliance of HIM people will see the beauty of CHRIST shining forth from those who belong to HIM. This beauty is perfect never-ending beauty that does not fade with age or illness.

The FATHER gave CHRIST JESUS the authority to rule over everything and CHRIST JESUS bestowed that authority to us. Remember, we are heirs according to the promises, so whatever CHRIST JESUS has and can do so can we in the now. Believers/children of the Most High GOD through CHRIST JESUS has been placed in charge over all of his own property.

And now as I bring this baby home, we must see with our own eyes just how much the FATHER loves us. The love that HE has for us is so wonderful that those who believe in HIS SON CHRIST JESUS, HE calls HIS children. We are not bastards, mistakes, servants or slaves, no we are HIS children and friends. So what kind of love is this really that we are loved so much with? Well, it’s simple really but humans make understanding the love of GOD so very difficult. So much so, we don’t get to enjoy in the comfort and rest of HIS love because we are so busy trying with our own effort to work towards being and doing. Most don’t get to just rest in CHRIST JESUS because of all the legality that we believe we must operate in as well as traditions. In the beginning of our life that we thought was good or great living, we never considered the love of GOD for us. In fact, we concentrated on the anger and judgment rather than HIS forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy. It’s because GOD the FATHER loves us so dearly that HE sent HIS only begotten and beloved SON to us so that HE will be the One we are to focus on because HE is the actual means of all our sins being forgiven and forgotten. The FATHER’s love and mercy are abundant and bestowed on us so much so that while being spiritually dead, and filthy because of our disobedience HE sent JESUS so that we can truly become alive in HIM instead of being the walking dead. GOD’s grace is what saves us not our performance and works. Being in unity with CHRIST JESUS causes us to be raised up and to rule with HIM in the heavenly world. This was done to demonstrate to all, HIS extraordinary greatness in the grace of HIS love which HE showed us through HIS SON CHRIST JESUS.

I hope in this blog those who are not believers, who do not possess CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit living on the inside of their hearts and they are absent in CHRIST JESUS. Will come to know and understand the love which has been bestowed upon us. For those of us who do possess CHRIST JESUS because we are believers, we are not ashamed of HIM and HIS gospel and willingly confess HIM before others. We burn with the glow of HIS love because HE dwells inwardly in our hearts and we live within HIM as well, I hope that encouragement and inspiration were found in this reading.    

Isaiah 63:7; Ezekiel 16:14; Ps. 50:2; Luke 22:29; Mt. 24:47; 1 John 3:1, 4:10; Jhn. 3:16; Eph. 2:4-7


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