Beloved, in order for you to get the full concept of what I’m trying to get you to understand, you must visualize a shield.

Okay, what is the purpose of a shield? Its proper use is to cover us from danger, defend, protect, and secure us from the assault of injury.

As a matter of fact, the shield is a part of the armor that we were commissioned to put on but nowhere did I read to remove/take off.

I so believe that the world system is such an influence to the body of CHRIST instead of us operating in the realm of heaven. We talk heaven/Word one moment but the next we can be heard speaking  the world.

We need to realize, without a doubt, question, unmovable that the way of GOD is perfect; the Word of GOD is already proven and HE is a shield only to those who place their trust in HIM.

We don’t realize that people are listening and watching us. We don’t realize that our ministry and testimony are our actions and the words that come from our own mouth.

The LORD GOD’s Word is pure. We operate in disbelief when we go against HIS Word. This is done by our action and when we speak. Take notice.

Beloved, the LORD GOD is our shield, the LORD GOD is our exceeding great reward. Right, there a reader should be shouting at the word exceeding. The LORD GOD goes beyond the limit, measure or quantity. When it comes to the LORD GOD nothing makes equally, physically or moral sense when HE rewards HIS children.

We are not like the children of the world and they will not understand because they are in the dark as we once were. We have been saved by the LORD. HE is our shield of help.

So put on your armor and keep it on because the wicked one never takes a day off so why are you setting yourself up for failure. A good soldier is always fully equipped. Unlike our wonderful military forces they have passes, we don’t. I was told in my young walk many years ago that now that I’m walking in the light and have become a mother and my child has become my most precious love. The enemy said to get her back at all cost. Now for some of you if you don’t have spouses or children, loving parents and so forth. The enemy will use what he knows you have a weakness for, those people you dearly love, and your place of employment and so on. The devil comes while you are sleeping, I can name so many fiery darts. But the shield protects us from those things.

Beloved, you must realize that we hold duel citizenships. (1) In the natural country where you were naturally born in, I’m an American. And (2) the most important and critical is my spiritual birth which is heaven. I’m a citizen of heaven. JESUS is The LORD GOD’s only Begotten SON which means JESUS came out from HIM. But JESUS is not The LORD GOD’s only SON because all those who are saved in JESUS CHRIST have become sons. The LORD GOD does not have grandchildren, HE only have sons. So as sons live as the overcomer as we are in CHRIST JESUS. Our shield is our faith in CHRIST JESUS who overcame the world.



Gen. 15:1, Deut. 33:29, 2 Samuel 22:31, Psalm 12:6, 84:11, Ephesians 6:16, 1 Jn. 5:4


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