GOD has a wonderful nature – Part 15

ForgivenessGOD is forgiving. Like an inmate serving a life sentence or one who is on death row looking and hoping for a pardon that may or may not come. GOD will pardon our sin. GOD is set to the order of forgiving and HE applies forgiveness.

Psalms 130:4 Each and every one of us need to be forgiven. In GOD there is forgiveness through CHRIST JESUS, the SON of GOD. And because we know that we have been forgiven of sin through the belief in the spilled blood of CHRIST JESUS, we will praise and worship HIM from a thankful heart.

Ephesians 1:4 It is because of the love of the FATHER that in CHRIST JESUS we have been chosen by HIM before the creation of anything that we are to be holy as HE is. We have been consecrated to be set apart and completely blameless from those in the world.

Romans 8:28 We have been called by GOD’s design and purpose this is HIS fitted plan for us.

1 Peter 1:2 In the knowledge which GOD had beforehand we have been consecrated and sanctified as holy. In the obedience of the  Holy Spirit, we have been sprinkled washed clean in the blood of JESUS CHRIST. The peace that has been given to us in increasing abundance has freed us from all fears and phobias we no longer possess agitation and conflicts with being moral.


This blog will continue from day to day for several days. So, look with great expectation so that you may get to know just who GOD is and HIS wonderful character and integrity.


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