Forgiveness-Mark 11:25

We all want to be forgiven of the LORD GOD and that’s a good thing. But, what about person to person? Just as we want to be forgiven we should be ready and willing to forgive those who have said or done something towards us that is negative. Did you know that when we don’t forgive others the LORD GOD will not forgive us? We can’t wait for the people who has done wrong toward us to ask for our forgiveness. We must forgive for ourselves; the LORD GOD commands that we forgive. JESUS did not wait for those who wrongly persecuted HIM to ask for forgiveness; HE simple asked the FATHER to forgive them; because they did not know what it was that they were doing. That’s still the case today; the enemy is the master puppeteer and those who do not know JESUS are puppets in the enemy hands. He speaks in the minds; we think and dwell on it visually; then we act on it. But the child of GOD when tempted to do or say wrong will rebuke the thoughts; realizing that this thought does not come from the LORD GOD and will think on lovely things or speak scripture into the atmosphere. This will cause the enemy to leave for a moment. Noticed that I said speak scripture; it is impossible to speak and hear yourself think at the same time. Because of this; whatever we speak can carry life or death. Remove yourself from vengeance and forgive all who come against you; this is for your own good and will bring about peace into your heart. However, this does not remove the person who has come against you from the hooks of the LORD GOD. HE alone is able to exact the correct punishment of a crime not humans; we tend to go overboard. Allow the LORD GOD to take care of your problems. Stand clear of un-forgiveness; be free to love even your enemies. 

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