Glorify GOD in your bodies

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

WoW, GOD is so BiG that HE chooses to live in our bodies! Heaven can’t contain all of who GOD is; so what better place for HIM to dwell than in the bodies of those HE Loves. Consider this; every person when they are shopping for real estate in the form of a house the first thing they notice is the house; how attractive it is. Then the shopper survey’s the ground; now the shopper enters the house and begins to take notice of the space and where things are. All the while in their mind they see themselves making some improvements to the house to cause the house to reflect their personality. So the shopper buys the house; moves into the house and begins to improve on the house. GOD is doing the same thing with us. GOD takes notice of each and every one of us; we are attractive to HIM; HE notices that the grounds has lots of weeds but HE sees all the wonderful ground work that HE will put in creating beauty. HE comes into the house and HE notices that on the inside it’s dark and dank; mold, dust spider webs, rodents, insects, trash all that you can imagine and more is in there; yet HE still desires to take up HIS dwelling there. HE already knows how under the other owner the house was not cared for; that the house was considered condemned. However, HE saw all the wonderful possibilities and that once HE began to spruce up the place it will become HIS home and temple. HE begins in the heart of the house and HE knocks down all the walls and boards that caused darkness to be encased. HE snatches down the old dusty torn drapes/curtains; washes the windows and opens them to allow fresh air inside. HE then goes to the attic which is the mind; HE scrubs the floors the old-fashioned way; hands and knees then puts on a fresh coat of wax; HE washes the walls and ceilings to remove all the smoke residue; the scent of burning; the graffiti of harmful words and negativity that causes so much anger and pain. After HE has cleaned and aired out all the rooms and opened all the doors and windows; HE sits to enjoy the home HE purchased. HE does not allow anything or anyone negative to take up dwelling in HIS house so when something like that enters because they think that the house is empty. HE simple informs the vagrants that the old resident has moved. HE is now the owner; sometimes HE has to prove that HE owns the property by showing HIS deed of ownership. HE then pulls out the deed purchased by the Blood of JESUS.

So as GOD is cleaning you up know that your battle with sin is coming to a close; don’t fret. GOD found you worthy to move into.

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