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November 19, 2020

Stability and Strength – Isaiah 33:6

Most everyone desires to have stability within their lives. The population for those that desire to have instability is lower than most people realize. With stability is strength. The problem with gaining stability, however, is placed in the wrong things. 

Some of us will attend college or a university in the hopes that after graduation we will land the job we have been educated to do extremely well. But all too often our young college and university graduates find that locating employment in their craft is far too fickle and most often will have to settle for whatever employment they can get until that dream job becomes attainable.

Some of us will want to become husbands or wives and begin developing our family which may or may not include children believing that in this union there will be security and you are partly correct but there has to be an added element that most husbands and wives neglect.

Some of us will believe that having a particular house or car will demonstrate to others just how stable we are financially when in reality we can barely pay the mortgage/rent, car note, and insurance for both.

And, then let me not leave out those who have great positions in white-collar employment, those cushy jobs (I know, I was once a white-collar employee), or those who believe that being a blue-collar worker is better because no one considers doing this until it is the last resort. It is one of those ideas that people believe that this is the best that they can have not realizing that these positions pay just as well if not better than white-collar positions since it is labor that makes it possible for things to work or places for us to be employed and let me not forget about the roads taken to get from one place or another, it is brawn over brains. 

Everything that I used as an example is excellent, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having anything listed above, and we should want only the very best for ourselves and our family.

However, the main ingredient of being stable is possessing wisdom and knowledge of the FATHER, in CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. Realizing that the LORD GOD is our safety. CHRIST JESUS is our security.

CHRIST JESUS is or salvation and the possessor of knowledge and wisdom which is a wealth of treasure. Salvation is our continuous strength.

And, having the utmost respect for the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit is HIS treasure from us.

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