GOD is never too busy for you


We know this to be true and new mother’s you will be able to relate to this. After we have awaited for our baby to emerge from our body we begin to take inventory of our precious child. We look at the hair or lack of, count the fingers and toes, search for blemishes like moles or birthmarks and then we just continue to gleam with joy as we hold our son or daughter in our arms and speak to him or her. Notice how I wrote that we count the fingers and toes which include the limbs which are two arms and legs. If you were like I was over three decades ago and recalling to memory the written Word of GOD regarding the hair, you may have attempted to count the hair on your baby’s head and failed that is if your child was born with a head full of hair exposed. Having one or two follicles is much easier to count than a head full of lush wet hair.

Only GOD knows the exact number of hairs which are atop of our head which includes the brows and lashes. For each follicle that sheds only HE knows which number actually fell out naturally, was rubbed or pulled away from our head. As it leaves HE knows that follicle 1 or 1,000,000,000 is no longer and when it has been replaced by a living follicle or will not be replaced. This is proof positive that GOD loves us so very much that HE took the time to count each strand of hair and keeps a perfect record of its loss and replacement. No matter how much we love our babies from birth to adulthood we are not able to do this, try as we might. This also should remind us that from all of the creations GOD created that we are worth much more than all HIS other creations and that we alone are created in HIS very image. GOD is Spirit and so we have a spirit which is lying dormant until we receive the free gift of eternal life from CHRIST JESUS. Without the Spirit of the Living GOD within our heart we are the actual reflection of zombies or the walking dead.

GOD cares about all of our requests regardless of how small we may think our request is to how major we know they are. We must come to believe that even if we misplace our glasses or keys that when we ask HIM to help us locate them that HE will. I know that HE has helped me.

Luke 12:7 None of GOD’s creations are forgotten about, however, none of GOD’s creations are worth more to HIM than humans. HIS Salvation [CHRIST JESUS] did not come to deliver the sky and water, the planets, the plant life or animal life. HIS Salvation [CHRIST JESUS] came to deliver humans.

We are the apple of GOD’s eye and no other is like to us and the love that HE has toward us.


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