Focus on Who not what is important

Focus On Jesus Hebrews 12:2

We miss ushering people to the Living GOD because we are too focused on those things which are not important rather than CHRIST JESUS. All people who do not know GOD through CHRIST JESUS as their Savior need to know that HE truly cares for their well being regardless of what they look like or where they are. Because only GOD can care for them enough not to leave them in their present condition. People are walking around with a mask on their face pretending that they have it all together when in actuality they do not. None of us have it all together without the Living Word residing on the inside of us within our heart. For those of you who profess to be Christian yet you care more of how someone appears outwardly rather than what is going on internally you are religious [a Pharisee or a Saducee] and you can profess to be a Christian from morning, noon till night, that does not make it true, no more than our living in an apartment and calling it a sprawling fourteen room mansion, it is not true. True CHRISTians possess [a disciple] the Eternal Word of GOD within them and they focus on who GOD desires for them to reach. When we listen out for the voice of GOD in our spirit we can thwart the hand of the enemy with his desire to end another precious life before their time. People commit suicide because of the pain of not believing they are loved or that anyone cares about them being alive or dead. It is this belief that they have that haunts them morning, noon and night until they see no other alternative but to murder themselves. But as true CHRISTians when we listen and obey the voice of the Eternal Word of GOD and speak to people on their level they will listen. Stop going through the weird motions of shaking, rattling and rolling; stop casting out spirits unless GOD tells you to do so and just hold a loving conversation with people. I am telling you that when we have heard with our spiritual ears and obey to do and or say just what the Holy Spirit request of us, that person will have an open heart to not only hear us speak but listen to that important message that they must hear from GOD. Most often people will be surprised that GOD loves them so much as to speak to them through you. Humble yourself to being used by GOD for HIS glory and not your own. Stop listen for angelic voices to sing, do not bind or cast out a spirit unless the Holy Spirit directs us to do so. Stop trying to quote various scriptures, by chapter and verse. And most of all, stop trying to be so deep because the person you are trying to reach is already in deep, deep into sin and darkness. No one when hurting is trying to hear our theological persuasions. The Holy Spirit has opened the door, all we need do is follow His lead.

Hebrews 12:2 Do not become as one of the hypocrites just be the wonderful person GOD created you to be and share HIS Word with others. JESUS obtained the prize with full joy and in order for HIM to do so HE went through great torture for us all. JESUS was crucified as though HE was a common criminal because they could not see HIM for who HE truly is. JESUS was put to an open shame, HE was and is to this day despised by some and in these most important steps to those of us who believe in HIM, HE died, was buried, rose from the grave, ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of HIS FATHER.

Ps. 69:7; Phil. 2:8; Heb. 2:9; Ps. 110:1







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