GOD so Loves the world

John 3:16

Most of us know this scripture or at least heard it. I want to share with you how one day I got a revelation on this scripture after being a child of GOD for many years.

One day while reading John 3:16 a light came on in my spirit to read it differently; I was to replace “the world” and “who so ever” with my name. So I begin. GOD so loves Shawn that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that Shawn believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life.
That ignited a fire in my belly; I began to understand that if no other person had ever existed before me or after me; GOD gave HIS SON just for me. The focus was on me and GOD’s desire to have me back. I began to shout because I was awe-struck to this reality. I began to evangelize differently to bring the focus on the individual if it’s one on one or if I’m before many to create an atmosphere that you are the only one HE is thinking of now. GOD is not limited in HIS thoughts; HE has the possibility to think of each human creation individually without missing what is going on with another. We however, are limited in our thinking we cannot concentrate on more than one person, place or thing without a decrease in one or the other. I challenge you today; read John 3:16 and use your name or the word me while looking in a mirror you will notice that the scripture will begin to take on a new meaning to your faith walk. You may not be able to read any other scriptures the same; every scripture that you read that is a reference to many you just may replace it with your name or the word me. You will begin to take the scriptures personally because these words are just for you. These words are instructions; warnings; encouragements and love messages to you individually. We know that the words on the pages are life breathed from GOD; now let’s experience the life that the words have breathed into our lives from GOD.

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