Turn To GOD Without Doubting

James 1:1-6

This concludes the series on doubt. As I end this series, I want to show you how you can remain encouraged and inspired with the information that GOD has given to us when we begin to doubt.

This is what I am encouraging us not to be when it comes to GOD and HIS Word.

Doubt – To waver or fluctuate in opinion; to hesitate; to be in suspense; to be in uncertainty; to be undetermined; to fear; to be apprehensive; to hold questionable; to hesitate in believing; to distrust; to withhold confidence from.

Regardless of how we feel, regardless of what we see, regardless of what we hear, stand strong in the knowledge that we have in GOD’s Word, do not doubt.

You are not alone when you are going through trials. Change your outlook when you must face a trial or trials, look at your trials in this manner. The trials that every person must face are only an examination, a test that we all must go through to reveal to us the maturity and trust that we have in the FATHER. Even when the trial or trials that we must go through cause suffering putting our strength to the test do not doubt GOD and HIS Word. Trials will put our patience to the test and allow temptations that we walked away from to come and tease us just to show us if we have been completed delivered by what we once loved no longer is a bother to us. People will be used to tempt us to reveal to us our tolerance levels for the goofy things that they will say and do that once ignited our fuse to anger. But we are to count these trials as joy because we all will be tried. Rejoice that we are being counted worthy to suffer for the name of JESUS. We are blessed for righteousness’s sake and yours is the kingdom of heaven. We are blessed when people revile, treat us with contempt, and persecute us, I know that it does not feel like we are being blessed, but we are. Acknowledge that people are going to say all kinds of wicked things against us, we cannot stop that. We do not have to give people a reason to speak evil against us, know that it is the attribute of sin. People are going to lie about us for no reason at all and people may lie against us for the sake of JESUS. Forgive them because they are not aware of what it is that they are doing. Remember that we are in great company when people speak evil against us because they spoke evil against the Prophets of old and they spoke evil and still do speak evil against JESUS. We are a tribe of people who have hope, do not give up on hope because it will never disappoint us, GOD’s LOVE is being poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is being given to us by the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Though it does not feel good, though we do not like it, and though it hurts us physically, mentally, or emotionally take pleasure in our temporary weakness, when people find us contemptible, will only look for faults in us, and will blame us for things that we have nothing to do with. Know that the power of CHRIST rests in and on us. It is in our weak moments that we find ourselves strengthen in the presence of the FATHER more. Rejoice because we are partakers in the sufferings of CHRIST JESUS, and we will eventually get to see HIS glory therefore we have joy. When we are being found at fault just because of our relationship in CHRIST JESUS, understand that we are blessed because the Spirit of glory and GOD rest in us. Never be ashamed for being a CHRISTian let this not cause us to be ashamed but rather glorify GOD in this and all matters. Greatly rejoice in GOD even when we are going through some temporary and difficult times in our lives.

Are you aware that our faith gets tested? Well, it does and when it does it produces patience.

Patience – The suffering of afflictions, pain, toil, calamity, provocation, or other evil, with a calm, unruffled temper; endurance without murmuring or fretfulness. A calm temper that bears evils without murmuring or discontent. Perseverance is the quality of bearing offenses and injuries without anger or revenge.

In all things godly have earnest expectations in all our hope be ashamed of nothing but rather be bold in our conviction of faith in CHRIST JESUS. Allow HIM to be magnified in our body be it by life or death. For we are established with CHRIST by GOD and we are also sealed by the promised Holy Spirit within our hearts as a guarantee. For we began to trust in JESUS after we heard the word of truth which is the gospel of our salvation and after we believed we became sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.

So, if we are lacking in wisdom, and let me inform you, we all are, ask the FATHER who will liberally lavish us with wisdom. This will be provided perfectly and fully developed. Ask the FATHER for a heart of understanding so that we will be able to discern between good and evil. Need help with what to say? Here is a little bit of help, FATHER give to me now the wisdom and knowledge that I need just for today. In JESUS name, Amen. The wisdom that we are asking for from the FATHER is nothing that we gain from education, books, experience, or hear-say. No, GOD’s wisdom is from above and these are the attributes of GOD’s wisdom.

  1. Pure – Free from moral defilement; without spot; not sullied or tarnished; incorrupt; clear; free from the mixture; genuine; real; true; unadulterated; innocent.
  2. Peaceable – Free from war or public commotion; free from private feuds or quarrels; quiet; undisturbed; not agitated with passion; not violent, bloody, or unnatural.
  3. Gentle – Mild; meek; soft; bland; not rough, harsh, or severe; tame; peaceable; not wild, turbulent, or refractory; soothing.
  4. Willing to Yield – To allow; concede; admit to being true; to give, permit; grant; give up; resign; surrender.
  5. Full of Mercy – That benevolence, mildness or tenderness of heart which disposes a person to overlook injuries, or to treat an offender better than he/she deserves; the disposition that tempers justice, and induces an injured person to forgive trespasses and injuries, and to forbear punishment, or inflict less than law or justice will warrant.
  6. Good Fruits
  7. Without Partiality
  8. Without Hypocrisy

Always come to the FATHER asking HIM in faith without any doubt in the heart or mind. To give us all a clear picture as to what doubt looks like, imagine the waves of the waters, this is how the FATHER sees us when we come to HIM in doubt. We can move mountains when we speak to the mountains in faith and be void of doubt. Now, most of us may never tell an actual mountain to move out of our way but what about those problems that cause us to be anxious and worry? Those are our mountains and anything else that is bothersome to us or causes us to not live our best life. Anything that we go to the FATHER with, either in prayer or just having a general conversation with HIM about and we are void of all doubt and will place our total reliance in that HE will provide. Know that we have received and just wait on the manifestation by being thankful. We do not need a large quantity of faith, that comes after we exercise our faith in trust of GOD ‘s Word. We all begin life with the same measure of faith and once we have chosen to come to CHRIST JESUS, we have a mustard size seed of faith. From a teeny-tiny seed comes a large tree. Now, today, go and get what you need and want from the FATHER, others first, and then yourself, go where the FATHER has sent you to go and do all of these things in full faith doubting nothing.


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