Faith Series X-Turn away from the faith


June 11, 2020

Acts 13:8

In the above focus of scripture we are introduced to Elymus (pronounced E-ly-mus) he was a sorcerer and a false prophet, hmm, have plenty of these today. Ex. 7:11 in the Amp Bible defines the meaning of sorcery,  to be skilled in witchcraft. In this same verse, the Exb Bible defines sorcery to be magicians. In 2 Tim. 3:8, other names of sorcerers are revealed, the Egyptians Jannes and Jambres who were sorcerers and were in opposition to, [against] the truth. People such as these have depraved mindsets [their thinking is ruined, corrupt], they are unqualified, and worthless as teachers of the truth[known to teach counterfeit faith]. I am here to let you know today if you were not aware before that people such as these will lead people away from the faith all because their entire heart does not totally belong to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Why is this? The Word of GOD is being sown but the seeds are falling by the wayside for some so the birds will come and eat them up, they reject the truth. Then some of the seeds are falling on the stony ground where there is little soil for planting and though the seeds will quickly spring forward it is done so because the earth has no depth, meaning that what has been planted and bloomed has not rooted. And what happens when plant life is not rooted? It will be damaged by the elements. These people are religious. Then there will be plants that will bloom around and within the weeds and the weeds will choke them dead. Again, religious people who look the part. These will be the people who will be led astray all because they are hearing what they desire to hear but not hearing what they need to hear. Reading materials that are laced with untruth rather than the truth. Their faith in CHRIST JESUS is wavering as the waves of the seas and the debris that floats among the air.

A sorcerer is anyone who professes to have powers with evil spirits. Most often sorcerers throughout the Bible were found to hold positions in the royal court at the king’s pleasure. Here are some other well-known titles that will allow you to recognize who they were then and who they are today. Suggestion: you may want to take the time to explore these words in the dictionary. {divination, enchantments, familiar spirit, magic, magicians, necromancer, warlock, witch, witchcraft}.

Believers have no business entertaining those of the occult such as mediums, psychics, tarot card readers, astrology/horoscopes, new ageism, ouija boards, and such. Messing about with anything that has a slight hint of satanism is opening the door for satan and his demons to come in, make their home with you or at the least feel comfortable to be around you, they will beat you upside the head and you will be wondering why things that could have been avoided are happening to you. Believers have no business seeking answers from the dead.

My dearly beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, you are the ones whose heart has become good ground and your heart continually brings forward excellent crops. Continue to move toward having your border/hem pulled out further, stretched, extended in the knowledge of GOD’s will through CHRIST JESUS. Study the Word of GOD, speak with the FATHER daily, ask for the Wisdom that is required just for the present day, speak the Word of GOD not the word of the world. Have fun being a believer in CHRIST JESUS, get lost in HIS Love towards you, get lost in HIS eyes, and find the clarity of real and true life. 


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