GOD’s Spirit

Zechariah 4:6

There is nothing that we can do that is
fitting of dependency of human strength; it is not our ability but the ability
that is within us. Nothing we do can be completed effectively; our ideas will
not be accomplished through determination alone; whether we realize it or not
we are able to do what we are able to do by the Spirit of GOD. The song that
gospel singer Tye Tribbet recorded “Can’t make it without you” is very true. We
take so much for granted thinking that it’s our ability when it’s not. In our
ignorance to GOD’s power; we limit what we can do. We don’t realize that we can
move mountains; that everything we set out to do that is good will be
accomplished and that we can even change the hearts of people from hate to love.
We alone are inadequate without GOD. Here is a very simple example of the human
belief system. We believe in electricity but not one of us has ever seen electricity;
the only things we have seen is what it can do. Likewise with the Spirit of the
living GOD; we see HIS power demonstrated in the lives of people who are fully
surrendered to JESUS. The evidence is supernatural qualities which we cannot
manifest ourselves. As we depend on GOD’s Spirit in our lives; HE will guide
us, transform us; empower us and teach us to be the kind of CHRISTians GOD
desires us to be.

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