The gospel is really a very easy description to convey to another person. But you must experience the gospel personally in order to share the gospel. The gospel is nothing that can be shared through the experience of just watching what occurred only. People will have questions and it will be nice if we had the answers to provide them with according to our personal experience. For instance, every time a female become knowledgeable of someone that she knows who is expecting a baby, she is compelled to share her experience with that expecting mother. For nine months the expecting mother is being bombarded with information from women who have given birth prior to her about what went on with them and what she is to expect. Some of those experiences may or may not apply to that expecting mother but none the less the compulsion to spread the news is there. Then there are the times when we get into a new and fresh romantic relationship, we talk about that with others. When our relationships with other people are fantastic we are always letting some little tidbit out about our joy. Then there are our children and their achievements, we are very proud of them and we want people to know about them. We display their awards around and speak about them every opportunity we can. It’s no different with the gospel, the gospel simply put is the history of JESUS birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension and HIS doctrine. The revelation of GOD’s grace through CHRIST JESUS.

Sin has so blinded mankind that we do not and did not see that the Kingdom of GOD was standing before us. The time came and still is at hand, it was herald then and must continue to be today but we are accepting sin because the government says it’s right. But I’m asking you, whose report are you going to believe GOD’s or man? We all are to turn our backs on sin and believe JESUS and HIS Word. Stop over thinking and psychoanalyzing it, you won’t win. When are we going to have regret for what we are doing and what we believe about JESUS? It is imperative that we all live our life that is fruitful towards being saved, this means that we are looking for GOD’s purpose for our life and we believe having a deep trust regarding our salvation in CHRIST JESUS.

Belonging to JESUS has never and never will bring me shame. HE gives me power in this salvation that I have through HIM because I believe in HIM. And as long as I continue to trust in JESUS, GOD’s powerful means of salvation will keep me secure. So this is why I tell others about what is right, this is why I go against the grain or appear un-hip or unpopular with others. I refuse to hide the righteousness of my LORD in my heart, I am compelled to share HIS faithfulness and salvation I cannot hide HIS grace and truth. But it’s up to you if you want to listen, that I cannot make you do. When I think about how I am counted among the saints, of those why JESUS rose up from the grave for. My soul shouts Hallelujah. JESUS was sent just for me, HE blessed me and turned me from my wicked ways.

This is why I share the gospel.        

Mark 1:15, Romans 1:16, Ps. 40:9-10, Acts 3:26


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