Confess / es / ion – Part I


c3dcea6f829c725eb17bee26fb6caf41--jesus-is-lord-lord-andWhen we acknowledge the wrong that we’ve done to someone who is at a disadvantage because they did not expect to be wronged by a known or unknown assailant. We not only clear our conscience but when we provide an open declaration of guilt from the heart it will be written in the books which are kept about our life in heaven. This is for the just and the unjust. In this two-part blog, I hope to convey to the readers what is meant to confess in the Old Testament as well as the here and now New Testament and just how important it is to know the following. What we confess. When we confess. Who we confess, and Why we confess.


Before JESUS died on the cross we were to confess all of our sins to the LORD but how is that possible? Do we realize that we are born into sin and that we will have to recall each and every sin that we thought, did and said from the moment we were able to understand the language we spoke and able to move about on our own? For example, we are told not to do or take, yet, we do and take and then lie about it. Generally, these are the first sins we commit in our free will and from there the actions of our sins escalate. So it was then and it is now impossible to confess each sin but we can acknowledge that we are sinful and confess that without JESUS living on the inside of us it is impossible not to sin. It is important to get across to everyone no one is exempt from this fact, that when we confess freely and openly CHRIST JESUS to everyone we come into contact with or at a minimum those that we are in conversation with because we are one with HIM and HE in us. That CHRIST JESUS will speak about us to HIS FATHER and the angels of GOD. We are to exalt the name of CHRIST JESUS telling others what it is that HE has done for us personally in our lives. In doing so we will drive the believers who are luke-warm through their participation in evil practices back to CHRIST. It is through our confession that the Word of GOD which is the eternal salvation of CHRIST JESUS and the Kingdom of GOD travels and grows. It’s not by our just attending a church ministry service because many believe that confessing JESUS before people outside of the church building is reserved only for when we attend church service. This is a lie from the pit of hell because believers are the true church and our confession of HIS mighty works are prevailing to spread throughout this world. Is it not strange that there are some who will not accept that there is a resurrection, in angels and that the Holy Spirit is a person? Well, it’s just as strange to have people believe in their brain only that there is a resurrection, that angels do exist and that there is a Holy Spirit. I wrote that there are those that believe in their brain because they don’t believe these facts in their heart if they did then they would live accordingly to the Word of Truth. Elisha raised the dead but eventually, that person died again. JESUS raised the son of the widow of Nain and Lazarus and they too eventually died again. But when it comes to the most powerful and greatest resurrection of all that CHRIST JESUS is alive. It’s not openly declared to bring encouragement to the believers and to bring awareness to the non-believers. It’s not enough for us to believe in some things we know or hope to be true we must believe and confess in all truth given to us in the Word of GOD. Every human that will acknowledge and confess out of their mouth using their own lips and tongue that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD from a believing heart because we have made up in our mind that we are going to adhere, trust, and rely on HIS truth that GOD did raise JESUS from the grave then and only then will we be saved eternally. And it is because we believe not only in our brain but in the most important organ the heart that we will be declared righteous and acceptable to GOD. And it’s because of this we are able to confess CHRIST JESUS openly without shame to others pronouncing our faith in HIM and confirm HIS salvation in our life. Beloved don’t be a hypocrite and pretend to obey the commandments left to us by CHRIST JESUS in the presence of those that you want to think that you have it all together. Be obedient when there is no one around to watch because GOD is the One working out what pleases HIM.


Now, we are being enriched in all things in every way, nothing lacking/in want and nothing missing/failing to reach so that we can be generous which will bring about a praise of thanksgiving to GOD. Non-believers are listening and watching to those who proclaim to be believers and our testimony stinks because we sound and look just like those who are of the world. We are not passing the test and this does not bring glory to GOD because our loyalty and obedience to the gospel of CHRIST JESUS that we sometimes confess is not done from a generous heart of liberality. And just as we once were there are many in the world who desperately need to see JESUS in action through us and to hear the truth. There was a time in the Old Testament, GOD spoke in various ways using the voice of the prophets. These are the last days whether we want to believe it or not and HE is no longer just speaking through prophets nor is HE only speaking through apostles, evangelist, pastors, and teachers. The voice which is now being used is the voice of CHRIST HIMself. CHRIST JESUS is the lawful owner of all things because HE has been appointed heir and it is through HIM that all things were created. CHRIST JESUS is our High Priest and HE has already ascended back to heaven, HE is the true SON of our Holy GOD and we need to hold on to this confession without shame. Also, don’t let this fact go never allow the greasy persuasion of others cause us to think any other way. Those only who are blood washed in the forgiveness of CHRIST have been given absolute/complete and unconditional forgiveness from that penalty that we were to receive, it has been taken away from us because we are no longer sinners because CHRIST is not sinful and we are no longer lawbreakers because CHRIST is not a lawbreaker. We don’t need someone else to stand in our place or hear our confession of wrong in order for them to absolve us of sin. CHRIST did so and no human is perfect as HE is and no human is able to do what HE did for all humankind. In our salvation, we have been given full confidence and freedom to enter the throne room of our FATHER only because of the blood of JESUS that gives us power and virtue. In HIS flesh HE gave us a living way and this is the only Priest that we have who is great and wonderful and who rules over the house of GOD. So let us come forward with sincerity of our hearts knowing that in humans we are unqualified but in CHRIST we have an absolute conviction by faith in the blood and water which has been applied to our hearts. Never doubt what is true keep the hope that has been given to us. Love and confess through the acknowledgment from HIM who gave us the promise because HIS Word is faithful and sure even when we are unfaithful and unsure. Let us take care of our blood washed siblings, stir one another up to love and find ways to be of help to others. And I am aware that attending church service can cause us to become complacent but this is because our faith is not being stretched or the unadulterated truth is not being spoken if JESUS is not the entire focus there is a problem. We can never be taught who JESUS is to us and who we are in HIM. So attend service if not on Saturday or Sunday attend the week-day Bible study it is important that we surround ourselves with those who have the same mind and heart with a living spirit because we spend most of our time around those who have divided minds, evil hearts, and dead spirits. How will we know who is spiritually dead? Simple, if people find it difficult to acknowledge as well as confess from their lips that CHRIST JESUS is the MESSIAH that HE actually did come in the flesh of man and is GOD. That will be our answer because only living spirits will be able to with a resounding joy confess that JESUS CHRIST came in the flesh and those that have dead spirits will deny that JESUS is GOD let alone profane HIM by blasphemy, annul, sever and separate HIM from HIS being GOD. Everyone who confesses willingly that JESUS is the SON of GOD proves that GOD has taken up residency in their hearts and understands and believes in the love of GOD who loves us. This is proof that we are in communion/relationship rather than religious with HIM. Only in HIS love are we complete and perfection is within us and this is why we have confidence because on that day of judgment that we have escaped we are as JESUS is because as HE is so are we in this world.

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