Great a word that we all are very familiar with, but what are we saying when we say the word? Depending on the conversation we are having we may be referring to the bulk, dimensions, extension or magnitude of something. The breadth, length, number or an unusual degree of a thing. The continuation of an occurrence that happened in the past. How about when we describe a person who has the authority or is a debater, an event, and the truth. All of these things can be described as great if we were to look up the definition of great, however, they will never compare to the greatness of the LORD GOD and HIS attributes. I always use a measuring rod of sorts, for example, the ocean and the sea are great to me so in comparison the LORD GOD is greater beyond what I am able to imagine. It is written that a Frenchman, Ben Lecomte’s swam across the Atlantic Ocean. So we know that this is not impossible and what he did was great, yet, compared to what the LORD GOD does I say big deal what else can you do?

As humans, we can do more than we believe we can. We don’t accomplish many great things because we allow the voices of others to shut out our possibilities. We were created to do great things and great is supposed to be normal not the abnormal in us. We should push ourselves daily to the limits because we can do great things the LORD GOD is our designer and HE does not make junk or rejects.

The LORD has a loving kindness that is merciful filled with HIS grace towards us that is not consumed with exhaustion. And because HIS compassion for us is never ending or failing that tells us that we are always in supply of it. But guess what? It’s not stale or used compassion, no. Our compassion from the LORD is brand new each and every morning. The LORD GOD and CHRIST JESUS are faithful even when we are faithless because they are great and nothing is based on what we do except our faith that is. The LORD GOD is going to be who HE is regardless. Now we can be faith walkers and operate in faith or we can be faith doubters and keep getting knocked around. JESUS will continue to provide HIS compassion brand new each and every morning whether we recognize it or not.

I’m looking forward to that day when I get to see that great white throne and my KING and LORD sitting on it. HE is so great that even earth and heaven run away.   

Lamentations 3:22-23, Revelation 20:11


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