The Saving Grace Of The FATHER Through JESUS The CHRIST

2 Timothy 1:9-10; 2:1


This is a noticeably short blog/news article but encouraging, informative, and inspirational all the same.

Planned from the Beginning

Did you know that from the very start GOD had already devised a plan to save humans? GOD was never shocked or taken off guard with the disobedience of Adam’s sin. GOD knew before HE created all that is in heaven and earth that humans are going to need a Savior. Nothing that we can ever think of, say, or do is capable of pulling our fat out of the pit of hell through deliverance away from the lake of fire and death. Though from the beginning GOD had already had in HIS heart to deliver humankind it is only in our Now our Lightbulb over our head moment that the manifestation of HIS revelation comes to us.


Once we are saved by HIS Grace, we are no longer in bondage, convicts, inmates, prisoners, sinners, and slaves to sin. We are free and are called to be HIS special people. Not special as on the short yellow bus definition but special in the sense that we are distinguished, particular, unique, and GOD’s holy peculiar nation of people. We are saved by Grace for GOD’s purpose. CHRIST JESUS abolished, broke, and destroyed the power of eternal death that was once over us. Imagine the fact that we die an earthly death and then we die an eternal death that never ends should we die in sin, that means not believing in JESUS to be all that HE is. The Good News of the Gospel demonstrates and teaches us how to live a better and brighter life now and eternally. All we need to do is believe, apply, and experience that for ourselves.

Be loyal in CHRIST JESUS

We are empowered/strengthened by the Holy Spirit inwardly in the grace that we possess in CHRIST JESUS. Listen, follow, and do whatever the Holy Spirit directs for us we will never go wrong when we follow His directions.


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