Who among use at some time has not dealt with grief? If you’ve not, give it time you will. As humans, it’s impossible to not. It’s something about the words grief and grieves that bring about a sting to the soul of those of us who are familiar with what it does to us. So much so that depending on the type of heart we have, we are concerned if we have ever grieved the Holy Ghost/Spirit. I have heard people who have not yet received JESUS as their Savior ask this question as well as Believers in the Faith of CHRIST JESUS. As believers, the best way to not grieve the Holy Spirit is to adhere to the Christian lifestyle or walk as written in the Word of GOD.

  1. No longer live as unbelievers.
  2. Do not sin.
  3. Do not allow your anger to cause you shame and do not go to bed angry.
  4. Do not give the devil an opportunity to lead you into sin by holding a grudge, nurturing anger, harboring resentment or cultivating bitterness.
  5. Stop stealing.
  6. Go to work/become employed/make an honest living.
  7. Do not allow unwholesome, foul, vulgar, profane words to come out of your mouth.
  8. Put away bitterness, fault-finding, anger, wrath, animosity, resentment, strife, slander, verbal abuse, malice and personal hatred.
  9. Stop lying, spreading rumors.

As born again believers in CHRIST JESUS we have become new creatures in HIM and we have no excuse as to why we still resemble the world. This is why we are grieving the Holy Ghost/Spirit. This is why we are being laughed at because we look like the world, why it’s difficult to win souls, and why we are not taken seriously. Because there are too many pretenders out here or rebels on the loose. JESUS did not have HIS flesh stripped from HIS back by being scourged for the world then nailed to the cross just so we can continue to sin. It’s as though we are saying what HE did is not enough and we are bringing HIM to an open shame over and over again.

As born again believers we have been taught and we must continue to learn from the Holy Ghost/Spirit through CHRIST JESUS. Dear hearts our renewal in CHRIST was not a one-time renewal but it’s a continual renewal in the spirit of our mind. Our spirit is fresh and clean daily being washed in the Word or so it should be but we are the ones who must pick up the Bible or cut on the iPod or whatever your device is to get that quality time in the Word of GOD. It changes our mentality because we will be directed by our spiritual mentality and our attitude will be upbeat and positive with faith in all things in CHRIST JESUS, not self. After all, we are made in the image of GOD who is our Heavenly FATHER and Creator. By the way, allow me to correct the error that we look like GOD according to our skin color our flesh has no good thing in it. So stop lowering the Almighty GOD to our lowly state and raise yourself up to where HE originated us to be in the first place, we are spirits as HE is the SPIRIT. HE is the Almighty GOD and we are godlike in the righteousness and holiness of HIS truth and we are to express our gratitude for our salvation. So how do we do this? Well, you ask the Holy Ghost/Spirit to destroy, evict and remove that character, habit or spirit from your life and to replace HIS character, habit, and integrity in you. Ask for the following.

  1. Speak truth no matter what the cost.
  2. Be angry at sin and not the person or people.
  3. Speak words of encouragement to people, lift people up, try and motivate them according to the need and occasion so that it will bless them.
  4. Be kind, compassionate, helpful, understanding, freely and regularly forgiving people just as our Heavenly FATHER and CHRIST JESUS forgives us.
  5. Love people especially our siblings in the faith as JESUS does.

This is how we please the Holy Ghost/Spirit and not grieve Him. He has branded us with His seal we are marked for the final deliverance from the consequences of sin. Understand this, it’s not a small thing that we try the patience of the Almighty GOD. 

Ephesians 4:30, Is. 7:13


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