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What is it to be happy? I hear people say in regards to other people because at one time I too had this in my vocabulary. That a person makes me happy or a person does not make me happy. Most time than not when we speak in these terms we are referring to our companions our spouses. And then there are circumstances that we base our happiness on, what may or may not be happening at that moment. The emotion of happy can be fickle when we don’t understand the meaning of what it is to be happy. For instance to be happy by general standards is just to know your own fortune and success. Being able to enjoy you and be in agreement with you. To know that you are prosperous which supplies you with pleasure and enjoyment. You are ready and able bodied. It has nothing to do with what others may or may not be able to do for you. We make our own happiness and if we are not happy within ourselves we will not be happy with others. I’m single and when a single guy tells me that he is looking for a woman to make him happy, I simply tell him that he is asking much too much of me and let him know that I am not a good match for him then walk away. We must be happy within ourselves.

The children of the Most High GOD must recognize this that we are to be happy because the word happy by definition is blessed and favored. We are fortunate, prosperous and favored because we are the people of the living GOD. We don’t base being happy on conditions and people. We are the people that the Heavenly FATHER specifically chose to be HIS very own. We are a nation a heritage who have an inheritance.

Dear siblings of mine, I need you to begin if you are not to pay attention to the Word of the living GOD. In HIS Word we find good and we are blessed to be admired by others when we confidently trust in the LORD our GOD. This is our skill to succeed in all matters. This is how it is to be happy.    

Psalms 144:15, 33:12, Proverbs 16:20


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