To be alive is to be opposite of being dead. Every organ is working in the manner it was designed to work. To be alive is to be in a state of action, undestroyed, unexpired and unextinguished. This description is all about the flesh. But, there also is a description regarding our spirit, sure we are animated to look alive or to being alive as we know what being alive is. However, there is an example of our being alive or dead in our spirit. We must return to the FATHER just like the prodigal son had done. Likewise, our FATHER is constantly looking to see if HE can see us approaching from the horizons and when HE does see us, HE runs to us to greet us and throws HIS arms around us to welcome us back to HIMself. Giving us a kiss on the neck. It is through our faith in CHRIST JESUS that our real self, our spirit man comes alive.

When CHRIST JESUS came back from the dead, this is a great example of what it is for us in our spirit. Though CHRIST JESUS did not return as a Spirit, HIS return was that of flesh so that Thomas could feel HIM with his own hands as well as see for himself. For forty days CHRIST JESUS demonstrated without any doubt convincing evidence. They got to see him as HE spoke with them about the Kingdom of GOD. I find this awesome because we recall that JESUS showed HIMself to HIS disciples, but we don’t recall in our conversation how over five hundred believers at one time saw HIM as well. HE did not return to the five hundred and speak with them over the forty days HE was alive from the dead as HE did with HIS disciples. It was a one-time event. Some of those people had not tasted natural death but some among them were the ones who had died and made alive again. These were the ones who were resurrected by CHRIST JESUS but did not come out or show themselves alive until after CHRIST JESUS returned from the dead. Mt. 27:52-53. WoW, can you imagine along with me that three days after the crucifixion not only does CHRIST JESUS walk out of HIS borrowed tomb but the loved ones of others who believed in HIM before they fell asleep/dead also showed themselves? This must have been an incredible sight, people know that you are dead and here you come strutting in talking about some Hi! This is and was phenomenal!!

When Adam our ancestral father the one who had provided us with our DNA and our blood of sin. Disobeyed the FATHER by eating from the tree which he was warned not to eat from it caused him and everyone who came from him to be dead. Each and every one of us are descendants from Adam even the baby which you are carrying inside your belly at this reading. But we have a blessed hope in CHRIST JESUS because HE is our last Adam and it is only in HIM that we are made alive not just in the flesh but in the spirit. The spirit is our true being, not our flesh and soul. Therefore, we need to have our spirit alive within us because if it remains asleep/dead we are only zombies.

Without our spirit, without our real-selves being alive we remain dead and we are failures, we are trespassers and we are continually disobedient to the FATHER and the ways of CHRIST JESUS. However, with our spirit, our real-selves being alive then we are truly alive in CHRIST. This is what is known of our being given HIS grace to be saved, it is HIS kindness which saved us.

This is for the men only and maybe for the women who are in countries that mutilate you. Circumcision is no longer a requirement from GOD the FATHER. It is the heart that must be circumcised and what is required from the FATHER. Without allowing our heart to become circumcised we will remain dead and have corrupt natures. We remain spiritually dead because of sins. But, when we choose CHRIST JESUS to enter our heart, we become spiritually alive together with CHRIST JESUS because all our failures, all our sins, and trespasses have been forever and irrevocably forgiven.

Now, if we are alive on the earth and we are a true believer in CHRIST JESUS we will get to witness the coming of CHRIST JESUS and hear HIS beckoning us to join HIM up in the air. However, while we are looking up at HIM, we will see other spirits rising in the air before us and that’s because the dead in CHRIST JESUS must rise first.

JESUS CHRIST suffered for everyone in the world so that we would not have to receive the punishment that HE took. It will do us good to read in the four gospels regarding the punishment that HE suffered on behalf of us but do it using the imagination, see the gross misdeeds of the justice HE got from the soldiers and people who were incensed by satan. See HIM being beaten, spat on, having HIS beard plucked out of HIS face in chunks by the hands of others. See HIM having that crown of plated thorns smashed upon HIS head and then see HIM walking up the road towards HIS death barely able to stand and walk let alone carrying HIS own cross up that hill. But, notice that because of the exhaustion and manner of fatigue, HE received help. Then HE willingly laid HIMself down on that cross, HE was not put on the cross by anyone. JESUS CHRIST did this the once and HE will never do any of this again for anyone because what HE had done for us was perfectly acceptable by HIS FATHER. JESUS was innocent of all charges brought onto HIM. Even Pilate saw no fault in HIM, but, because of the pressure from the crowd and because it was the destiny that JESUS had to fulfill. This is what was required to lead us back to the FATHER. Physically JESUS died but spiritually by HIS own Holy Spirit GOD made CHRIST JESUS alive for us and HE walked out and away from where HE was buried.

CHRIST JESUS is alive! HE was once dead but now, today HE is alive! And HIS being alive was and is not temporary HE is alive forevermore and eternally and so will we be. Ha-ha, we have nothing to fear regarding death that is unless we want to, or we are dying in our sins because no one has shared with us that we can be alive in our spirit because of JESUS. CHRIST JESUS has authority over death and HE is in possession of the keys of death and hell.

*I have provided many scriptures that I have not written about, hopefully, you will read them in your time of study and share with others. Elder Briscoe

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