A Blueprint Of How We Should Pray For One Another

Philippians 1:3-11


I am so fascinated as to how the Word of GOD keeps illuminating my heart by what is being revealed and placed in my heart to either be or do. I am sure you are in the same boat as me. It does not matter how long we are in the Word of GOD on days, weeks, months, or years. What matters is that while reading and studying GOD’s Word we allow the Holy Spirit to reveal and illuminate GOD’s Word in our heart of flesh.

Learn to prayer properly

When we accept Grace into our hearts and Grace not only provides us with a new heart and awakens our spirit from the dead. We become inquisitive about wanting to know more about our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. We learn to pray properly not only for ourselves but for others as well. Generic prayers are okay but there is nothing more potent than a prayer filled with faith, grace, and love for those who need to be encouraged. And let us face it, we all want to be encouraged by others. But until then keep encouraging yourself in the LORD GOD Most High.

Prayer of Grace towards others

Today, I would like to share with you a prayer of grace that was written by Apostle Paul to the believers in Philippi Greece. When praying for our brothers and sisters in the faith of CHRIST JESUS, I think that this prayer is a great place to begin until we can pray for our siblings out of the overflowing love which is in our hearts for one another. Not only is it a fantastic blueprint for us to follow but with a few minor tweaking’s which will make this prayer current for today’s generation our prayer for one another will be power-packed. Here I will pull out some important points that we all must follow to the tee.

  • Be thankful to the FATHER for the remembrance you have of your spiritual siblings
  • Pray with joy
  • Be thankful for the partnership of participation that we share regarding the Word of GOD
  • Know that GOD has begun a good work within us and that this work will continue until CHRIST JESUS returns
  • Think about all of our spiritual siblings all over this planet
  • Keep them in our hearts because they share in GOD’s grace along with us

We don’t have to know all of our spiritual siblings by name, GOD our FATHER knows exactly who they are. Besides, we will never meet them all until we go to our eternal home to be with our FATHER and CHRIST JESUS.

Here are some points for us all to remember when praying for those who are not believers but ask that we pray for them.

Requested prayer from others

  • Pray for their deliverance and salvation through CHRIST JESUS
  • Pray for exactly what they are needing. This is a question that you may have to ask of the person if they do not voluntarily inform us.
  • Always pray the Word for the circumstance and situation the non-believer in CHRIST JESUS is in.
  • For the believers in CHRIST JESUS that we do not know and for the believers that we do know pray the points that have been shared with you above as Paul prayed. However, when a spiritual sibling that we do know or do not know asks directly for us to pray for them we need to know what we are either standing in agreement with or making a request of the FATHER in JESUS name on their behalf.

Grace filled prayers are necessary

The Almighty GOD is Grace and we have HIS grace within our hearts. Think often and pray for the work that is being done by our spiritual siblings everywhere. They need our prayers as we need theirs. It just may be possible that when we are gathered up into the sky after JESUS calls for us to rise from our grave regardless of how we were disposed of. We will come to know that because we prayed for our spiritual sibling over in Ireland, England, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, or wherever, and wherever our spiritual siblings are that are praying for us the prayers of the righteous will always extend through stretching much in whatever circumstance or situation we are in. Our prayers when prayed in faith and love travel from our hearts through our mouths to heaven and wherever to whomever. GOD knows exactly where and who to help based on our prayers.



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